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4 Mobile Tech Solutions for Accepting E-Signatures

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If you’re a field professional, using digital signing apps can provide you and your customers with convenient, time-saving ways to finalize contracts, sales agreements, and other documents. With intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, e-signature apps also make the storage and retrieval of signed documents easier while helping you ensure that documents are signed promptly. The best e-signature app for your company depends on the number of features you want, the number of signatures you collect, the level of security you require, and your budget.


Available on iOS, BlackBerry, and Android, RightSignature is a full-featured e-signature app that lets you capture e-signatures from individuals or multiple parties. This is a great app if you need to go the extra mile to guard against fraud and forged signatures, or to create an audit trail in case someone later denies they signed a document. This tool uses high-end encryption and lets you require signatories to log in using a password to access and sign documents. RightSignature is easy to use, as you simply upload a document to the app and add boxes for signatures, initials, and dates. The app’s automatic field-detection system allows you to create signature, date, and other fields with a single click. Afterward, email recipients receive a secure link to the uploaded document or embed it on your website. Signatories can view the documents on any computer, smartphone, or tablet, then sign them using a mouse or finger. The app can send several documents at once and send documents to multiple parties.


Available on iOS and Windows 8 tablets, DocuSign is widely used by real estate professionals and lets you drag and drop signature and date boxes into documents you upload to the app. DocuSign then emails those documents in folders called ‘envelopes’ to the designated recipients. You can set documents to expire if they’re not signed within a specified time and enable reminders to urge recipients to sign documents promptly.


If you’re like most field pros, you’re probably already using one or more cloud services, such as Salesforce, Office 365, or Google Drive. SignNow lets you integrate e-signature collection with those and many other popular cloud-based services via a simple drag-and-drop interface using SignNow’s iOS or Android app. The parties you designate receive email links to the documents you specify, then sign using a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can set up the workflow to automatically route documents to whomever you choose, and SignNow notifies you when the process is complete.


If you collect signatures on only a few documents, want to minimize your investment in e-signature tech solutions, and don’t need all the advanced features of a service such as RightSignature, DigiSigner is a great option. As of 2017, this service offers a free plan that allows you to obtain e-signatures from multiple signatories on three documents per month. After you upload a document to DigiSigner’s secure server, you invite other people to sign it and the service notifies you when they have done so. Before using an e-signature collection tool to capture signatures, consider consulting with your attorney. Although Canada has federal and provincial laws allowing the use of e-signatures in a wide variety of situations, these laws vary, with some forbidding the use of e-signatures on certain types of documents. In other cases, laws or customs make it prudent to keep an audit log or follow certain document storage or security procedures. Depending on your position and industry, you may need to consider such factors when deciding on the best e-signature collection tool for your company.

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