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4 Tech Tools for Real-Time Small Business Communication

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Communication apps make it easy for your teams to collaborate and stay in touch, whether they’re on different floors of an office building or on opposite sides of the world. Many communication apps do more than your average email software, and a few even let you set up small-scale video conferences for free.


Consider Slack for group chat, direct messages, and video calls. The direct message feature lets users send messages and responses to each other in rapid-fire fashion, and the app sends alerts about messages even when it’s closed. You can also create group chat for your entire team and organize groups based on departments and projects. You can switch a Slack text message conversation to a video call with two users or more users with the click of a button. Slack also lets you share files and add comments, which is ideal for collaboration.

Google Hangouts

The free version of this video conferencing tool allows you to have a video call with up to 10 people at the same time. As long as you have Wi-Fi access, the video conference is free. Google Hangouts also lets you send text messages and share files, and you can create a record of every interaction. If you want to video conference with up to 25 people, you need to subscribe to Google’s G Suite, designed for small business communication. You pay a monthly subscription fee per person per month, and the suite includes other tools as well. With the professional version, you can also use Hangouts to share your screen. For example, if you want to show your remote team how to use a certain type of software, you can conduct a demo from your desktop through Hangouts. The app works on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.


Like the other apps, HipChat also offers direct messaging, video calling, and screen sharing for demos. The app syncs with over 150 popular business applications, including Grit Hub, Facebook, and Trello, which allows you to sync project management, social media management, and countless other tasks into a single app. Best of all, you can pepper your communications with your company’s custom emoticons.


If you’re working with a remote team who use their personal email addresses and phone numbers, it can be hard to keep track of updates. Addappt, however, streamlines that process. Addappt is a smartphone app (available for both Android and iOS devices), and it allows you to create lists of contacts. If one of your contacts updates a phone number or email address, the change is noted in your phone immediately. The app also has a text messaging feature and lets you send prewritten messages with a tap. If you have a small team, there are a lot of free tools that can help with communication. As your team grows and your needs expand, you may want to look into more advanced tech tools on a subscription basis.

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