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5 Alternative Apps to PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is the most well-known presentation aid in the market, but, PowerPoint templates and presentations can feel dated and overused, and the options aren’t always the most functional for smart design. In the past few years, alternatives to PowerPoint have been cropping up that leverage advantages and solve disadvantages of PowerPoint.


Prezi is an easy-to-use, free online presentation creator that also provides access to many images and templates. Unlike PowerPoint, its design allows for animated, non-linear formats; it doesn’t move horizontally from one slide to the next and moves from thought to thought with zooming and moving motions. Because of this, Prezi is a good app to use when you want to show how one idea relates to another idea, or if you need to bounce back in time. It’s also great if you’re on-the-go and you need to present to anyone from anywhere you can build, edit and present it from any device. It’s also conducive for group-built presentations, because the group can all work on the presentation simultaneously. It’s important to note that all presentations built using Prezi are public.

KeyNote for iCloud

Apple’s presentation software is known for being more intuitive than PowerPoint and for having nice-looking templates. The web-based option is also available via the iWork desktop software productivity suite, but it’s only for Apple users. It offers all the same functionality as PowerPoint, but in a simpler format. It also includes cinematic effects and transitions, and animated and interactive charts. With KeyNote, you can present from any web browser.


Sway is Microsoft’s answer to presentations that’s part of the Microsoft Office suite. Sway looks and functions more like a website than a slide-to-slide presentation and has built-in and automatic design functionality. It allows more capabilities around interactive content, such as charts and videos. Presentations are easily shared via link.

Google Slides

Like the name suggests, Google Slides is Google’s presentation software; it’s similar to PowerPoint, but it’s online. The app allows you to access, create, and edit presentations from anywhere and across any device. The app also allows you to collaborate with others on the same presentation at the same time, and you never need to remember to hit save. Google Slides also easily converts to and from PowerPoint.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a free app (with premium upgrades) that focuses on simplicity and great design. With an account, you have access to an image library and a handful of presentation themes and a graph creator tool. It also allows you to create presentations across devices (mobile, PC, and tablets). Although it has sharp design, it doesn’t offer as many customizations as PowerPoint, and you can’t work on it offline. Once you get the framework of the presentation, these tools will help dress up and make your presentation even more engaging. No matter which app you use for your next presentation, it’s important to remember that your presentation is only as great as the content in it and how it’s presented.

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