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5 Apps to Organize Your Small Business Tasks

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Running a small business requires a superb ability to manage and track time. To help you become a more efficient business owner, consider using the following apps to help you organize business-related tasks, such as package distribution, hiring, and workflow monitoring.


Available exclusively on Android, Boxmeup helps improve your purchase order system by tracking containers and packages. This free app gives you the ability to print QR labels, which you can then scan with your smartphone to access the list of products in each of your packages at any time.


Proven is a tool that allows you to organize your hiring efforts by granting you the ability to post all your job openings to an array of job boards. Through a single click on your smartphone, you can sort through hundreds of applications in less than an hour. Proven allows you to organize applicants into no, maybe, and yes categories, and also note when you respond to a potential hire. Free for download on Android and iOS, Proven is a great fit for firms that often make sporadic hires, such as retail stores and restaurants. The cost you pay to utilize this platform depends on the amount of jobs you want to post and which boards you need to post them to. Pricing starts between $40 and $60 per job post. The more posts you list, the lower your costs will be.


Evernote is the best app for syncing notes across desktop and mobile devices. The free version allows you to upload a maximum of 60 megabytes per month. The Plus version costs $34.99 per yearly payment term, but gives you access to a gigabyte of monthly uploads and notes when you are offline. For $69.99 a year, you can purchase the Premium version, granting you access to ten gigabytes of data per month, along with additional features. Moreover, there is also an Evernote for business which costs $12 per month, and includes added administrative and team features.


KanbanFlow is a web-based app that allows you to assign tasks, schedule due dates, upload documents, and visualize your entire workflow. The basic version of the app is free and can operate on most computers and smartphones. Costing $5 a month per user, the premium version includes features such as revision history, file attachments, and a flow diagram that allows you to analyze you company’s work history.


A user-friendly project management app, Trello grants you the ability to track your team’s workflow. Every card you create on a Trello board represents a task or assignment, which you can make as detailed as you like by adding attachments, comments, due dates, checklists, and labels. Whenever you alter a card, the app notifies every member via text and/or email. While the basic version of this app is free for Android and iOS devices, the business version only costs $9.99 per month and includes additional features, such as the ability to synch with apps such as Evernote. The Evernote feature allow you to automatically attach notes to your Trello cards.

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