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Artificial Intelligence for Wedding Industry Professionals

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The rise of artificial intelligence is reshaping business dynamics in just about every industry. Incorporating AI into your business helps you devote more time to the activities that actually make you money, and automate the tasks that, while necessary, tend to be more menial. AI isn’t just for multibillion dollar corporations. If you work in the wedding industry, whether as a planner, photographer, or caterer, AI can enhance your communications with customers, ease the stress of scheduling, and simplify your accounting.

Communications With Customers

Growing a wedding business requires making many contacts, which necessitates sending out a lot of emails. This can be an arduous, painstaking process if done manually. Fortunately, AI can help you read and write emails faster and more efficiently. If you receive a lot of emails, it takes time and effort to prioritize them and figure out which ones you need to read first. Useless information often clutters even important emails. AI apps like Knowmail cut down on email reading time by learning your habits and using this knowledge to determine which emails should be moved to the top of the list. The software also provides a summary for each email so you can glean the key points. Artificial intelligence can also help you write better emails. Apps such as Boomerang for Gmail analyze your emails as you write them and score them for things like positivity and politeness. Boomerang also tells you at what reading level your email is written. A person soliciting wedding services probably responds better to a conversational email written at a low reading level as opposed to something aimed at grad students.


Scheduling is everything in the wedding business. Since most people get married on weekends, your schedule is probably packed between Friday and Sunday. The more efficiently you manage your schedule, the more successful your business. When it comes to services such as catering and photography, a big part of scheduling involves emailing back and forth with customers to nail down dates, times, and locations. AI can pitch in and lend a big hand. Apps such as x.ai send customers personal and humanlike emails to handle scheduling, and when the app receives confirmation on a date and time from the customer, it adds it to your calendar. That way, you can focus your time and energy on shooting photos, putting together delicious food spreads, and planning weddings.


Accounting and wedding services are miles apart. If your passion is helping people with their nuptials, it’s a reasonable guess that number crunching isn’t your favorite pastime. AI software can extract relevant data from your invoices and other business documents and plug them into your accounting software, such as QuickBooks. This makes the process more hands-off and allows you to use your time on moneymaking activities. Not to mention, crunching numbers with a high degree of speed and accuracy is one area where machines have long passed humans in ability. The use of artificial intelligence is changing the business world, and it can enhance your wedding business by allowing you to focus on the tasks that make you money.

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