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Expand Your Art Clientele by Displaying in Alternative Spaces

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Are you looking for somewhere new to display your art beyond the traditional galleries and art shows? Broadening your horizons is a great way to attract new fans who may even turn into customers and clients. You may find that growing your audience by hanging your art in alternative spaces is surprisingly easy if you know how to get started.

Partner With Local Businesses

There are plenty of local businesses out there that would be delighted to jazz up their walls with some art. From office lobbies to break rooms, quality art can really transform an average office into a vibrant work space. You can reach out to local businesses through email, phone, or a quick visit. Of course, any potential partners want to see your work in advance, so providing an online art portfolio is always a good approach if you don’t want to drag your art around town. You may have to put your art up on consignment, but the exposure and potential sales could be worth it if you don’t need to be paid immediately.

Reach Out to Restaurants

Restaurants are often overlooked when it comes to displaying art, but forming a business collaboration with the right eatery can lead to your art being viewed by a massive amount of people. After all, there are patrons going in and out all day and night, and a restaurant’s unique decor is often a highlight for visitors. Just like partnering with other businesses, you may not always be able to sell your art outright to restaurants. In most cases, you may need to allow them to display your work free of charge until a buyer decides to pick it up. You may also need to pay the restaurant a percentage of your earnings in exchange for handling the transaction. Make sure you work out the details in advance so everyone is on the same page.

Get Involved With Local Music and Theatre

Visual art, live music, and theatre all complement each other beautifully. Participating in your local arts community beyond visual galleries and shows really helps you to expand your reach to a relevant group of people who are interested in your work. While you may not be the main act, displaying an installation during the intermission of a play or in between bands at a concert is a win-win for everyone involved. Visual art adds an extra dimension to a performance, giving attendees more bang for their buck. You can contact the venue or the show’s promoter to work out the details.

Create a Webstore

The internet makes it possible for you to expand your reach far beyond your local community. An online store is a fantastic way to both showcase and sell your art. As an added bonus, you can refer potential partners to your website so they can check out your work quickly and easily. Once your store is ready to go, you can pay for targeted ads on social media, post on relevant forums, and connect with other artists and business owners who may be able to help you out. As an artist, networking and name recognition are important, and becoming more active online can really help to get your name out there.

There are plenty of other ways to expose your art to new potential fans, customers, and clients if you’re willing to think outside the box. For example, you could form partnerships with interior designers who may want to use your art in their decorating. You could also take a grassroots approach and display your art outdoors in public areas, such as a local park.

Seeking out new places to hang your art can be a fun adventure, so get out there and start exploring your surroundings. You may find that the world becomes your gallery in no time.

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