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What Amazon Web Services Can Do for Your SaaS Small Business

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Cloud computing allows developers to offer software as a service, on a subscription basis, making it unnecessary for customers to upgrade their hardware for increased data storage. Cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services Canada can allow a small business owner to access the infrastructure to operate a software as a service, or SaaS, business. Amazon Web Services Canada makes this possible with virtually no initial capital outlay.

Building an SaaS Small Business

The SaaS delivery model allows for hosting a variety of applications from the cloud. With the cloud, individuals and businesses can instantly obtain software applications for tasks from simple activity scheduling to complex accounting platforms, such as QuickBooks Online. When your business offers an SaaS product or platform, utilizing a cloud-based web services provider such as AWS Canada can make it unnecessary for you to worry about establishing and maintaining the infrastructure for the SaaS platform to function. The cloud hosting service manages all of the server functions, including the operating system, the system configuration, and the SaaS application itself. As a result, your business benefits from reduced expenses for hardware and support staff. The cloud service provider’s engineering team oversees system updates and performance status.

Improve the Value of Your SaaS Small Business

The value of your company increases when you utilize a cloud hosting service to provide your SaaS platform. According to FE International, a brokerage specializing in the sale of online businesses, the following factors are important valuation drivers influencing the value of a small SaaS business:

  • The amount of time required from the owner to run the business
  • The nature of the responsibilities undertaken by the owner to run the business
  • The level of technical requirements necessary for operating the business
  • The amount of technical knowledge required to run or manage the business
  • The number of employees and contractors in the business and the management they require

The reduced demands and responsibilities for ownership of a small SaaS business utilizing a cloud hosting service can have a positive impact on its value. This can be advantageous for small business owners seeking investments from venture capitalists or a crowdfunding resource, such as Lendified.

Selecting Amazon Web Services for a Small Business

While there are many web hosting services offering cloud-based platforms for small businesses, there are several advantages to using Amazon Web Services. AWS Canada handles payment processing for your customers’ purchases. It has a user-friendly interface and a free tier for new users. AWS supports almost any language that your development team uses, ranging from iOS, Android, Java, Javascript, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML5, and more. This makes it a flexible choice for developing your SaaS product. The AWS Cloud has an extensive variety of services and support options, and its infrastructure provides the most extensive coverage in the industry with 42 availability zones in 16 geographic regions around the world.

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