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What Is a Crown Patent?

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A Crown Patent is a document that gets issued when a government-owned parcel of land transfers ownership to an individual buyer. The Crown Patent remains in the original purchaser’s name, regardless of how many times the land has been re-sold or inherited. This doesn’t mean that the original owner still has property rights, though. Whoever has purchased or inherited that land since the original Crown Patent was issued is still the land owner.

The problem is, when Crown Patents were first issued, some of them came with specific stipulations on how the land should be used. Since laws have changed over the years, many of the stipulations and conditions no longer apply. You can obtain a copy of your land’s original Crown Patent if you wish to have such conditions removed. For example, if you own land that was originally purchased with the stipulation that it couldn’t be farmed and you want to farm it, you should request of copy of the Crown Patent, then apply to have that condition removed so that you can use your land as farmland. This may also apply to business owners who want to add extensions onto their buildings because they need more office space.

To request a copy of the original Crown Patent, visit your local Land Registry Office. If the Crown Patent was issued before the mid-1960s, you should contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

When you receive the Crown Patent, review the regulations and conditions attached to the land when it was originally issued. If you want to challenge any of the conditions, you should apply to remove the restriction directly through your Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Office.

If you own land that you want to farm or you want to use to expand your business, knowing the stipulations that came with the original Crown Patent is important. This way, you can apply to have unnecessary restrictions removed before you begin altering your land.

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