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Tips to Make Your Business More Family Friendly

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Improve employee retention and make recruiting top talent easier with family-friendly policies that keep your workforce happy. In many cases, making your business family friendly costs little to nothing. Any costs you incur can be made up by gains in productivity and reduced employee turnover.

Flexible Scheduling and Leave Time

Different families have different needs, and flexible scheduling helps employees balance their home and work lives. Allow workers to arrange staggered shifts, shared jobs or a compressed work week instead of keeping everyone on the same 9-to-5 schedule. Consider offering flex time policies that let your employees take off half days during the week in exchange for working over the weekend. Generous leave and leave of absence policies make employees feel confident about their ability to handle any unexpected family emergencies without losing their jobs. Letting employees shift their schedules as needed also reduces absenteeism.

Remote Work Options

Parents who work outside the home often cite remote work as one of their most-wanted benefits. Working remotely gives parents the opportunity to deal with unexpected emergencies and save money on childcare, making them more likely to stick around instead of searching for other opportunities. Many remote workers accomplish just as much as workers in the office, and you may actually save money by reducing overhead costs. To ensure that remote work doesn’t hamper productivity, track task completion or set specific project deadlines instead of using a time clock.

Family-Friendly Office Environments

Offices aren’t usually considered family-friendly places, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Letting parents bring their children to work on occasion reduces employee stress over finding childcare during school breaks. New mothers who can bring a baby to the office come back to work earlier. Having a comfortable, private space in your offices can make it possible for parents with babies to care for them while at work as needed. For employees with older children, you might have an onsite day care facility or make arrangements with a nearby day care centre so parents can check up on their children during the workday.

When it comes to work-sponsored events and activities, including families gives employees a sense of community with coworkers and employers. Holiday celebrations and annual company events are good opportunities for demonstrating that your organization cares about not just the workers but their families as well. Hosting company parties that include family members also reduces employee stress and gives everyone in the office something to look forward to.

Family Benefits Packages

Canadian companies are required by law to offer some specific family benefits, such as pregnancy and parental leave. Offering extended leave beyond the government-mandated leave or offering income top-up benefits in addition to government-provided employment insurance payments can be important incentives for potential employees planning to start a family. You can also opt to offer family-friendly supplementary insurance, such as dental or vision policies, that cover health care needs not included by universal health insurance.

Whichever parent-focused benefits and perks you offer, implementing family friendly policies improves employee morale and gives workers a sense of loyalty to your company.

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