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Four Cloud Apps to Take Your Business Paperless

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Cloud-based apps make it easier than ever to operate a paperless business. It is no longer necessary to carry a document around or keep it on a desk until it is ready to send. Creating and revising documents in the cloud allows businesses to access important information from any location through the use of a smartphone, tablet, or notebook computer. Whether a smartphone operates with Android or iOS, these popular apps allow users to perform such tasks as converting documents to digital format or signing a digital document. Cloud-based apps free businesses from burdensome amounts of paper documents, which can be difficult to find when specific information is needed. Many apps benefit specific businesses, which usually find it necessary to keep massive paper files available.

Construction Companies Are Going Paperless

The construction business is one of the most paper-intensive industries. Construction project managers bring large quantities of blueprints, specifications, change orders, receipts, and other documents to each project site. Even subcontractors, working in specific trades, maintain similar document loads. Bolt allows people in the construction trades to review blueprints, specs, and other important documents with an iPad while working on site. Managers can oversee scheduling, tracking of materials, labor coordination, and reporting. Bolt fully integrates with QuickBooks Online for accounting functions. Construction managers no longer need to worry about whether the wind might blow away important documents on a project site.

Cloud Technology Replaces Time Sheets

The use of paper time sheets can create a significant amount of office clutter. Taking advantage of the cloud for storing employee time and mileage statements eliminates the need for collecting and sorting through a massive accumulation of daily reports. TSheets time tracking allows employees to use their smartphones for reporting the time they spend working for your company. This method brings immediate access and organization of employee time reports, without the use of paper. TSheets uses smartphone-supplied, GPS location points for employee routing, accountability and mileage. Once you approve the employee’s time and mileage charges, TSheets shares that data with QuickBooks for invoicing and payroll.

Going Paperless Is Easy

Hubdoc allows users to photograph invoices, receipts, and other documents for storage in the cloud. It fetches and organizes documents, including online bills and statements, into specific files for easy access. The app then records the transactions through QuickBooks Online, with source documents attached to each data entry. Hubdoc facilitates the transition of a small business to the paperless era through its compatibility with documents in any digital form, including scans, emails, and web pages.

Managing Multiple Business Locations on the Cloud

Businesses with multiple locations can benefit from the ability of Qvinci to provide consolidated, cloud-based financial reporting and benchmarking for as many as 10,000 locations. The app provides automated, daily file syncing, allowing for consolidated or side-by-side reports on profit and loss, balance sheets, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and statements of cash flows. The entire management team can have instant access to this information through the cloud. Managers can discuss this information with the team in real time, without the need to send out emails and attached documents for review. Going paperless saves time, money, and effort, while making important information more easily available in the cloud.

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