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Small Business Owner’s Guide to the Cloud

Four Cloud Computing Myths Busted

As the hype around cloud computing grows, so too does the confusion. Here we separate fact from fiction.

More than 30% of Canadian small business owners have migrated to the cloud, but many are still reluctant to make the move. Below we bust the common cloud software myths that could be holding your organization back.
Myth 1: The Cloud Is Not Secure
Fears of hacking, malware and identity theft remain a concern for many small business owners, but the truth is cloud software providers invest huge amounts of money and infrastructure on protecting their clients’ information. For example, Intuit keeps all customer information on the cloud secure by using encrypted servers, antivirus protection and detailed staff training for incident response. Before you make the move, seek out cloud providers that offer data encryption.
Myth 2: The Cloud Is Only for Big Corporations
The cloud is a smart option for businesses of any size. In fact, an increasing number of small business owners use cloud-based operations. Many have embraced financial management software such as the cloud-based QuickBooks Online, which stores all your accounting in one place and can be accessed from anywhere. It allows users to send invoices on the run, monitor cash flow and it securely links to your business bank account.
Myth 3: Moving to the Cloud is Too Difficult
Many business owners have been misled to believe that migrating their existing data to the cloud is time-consuming and fraught with difficulties. Recent advances in software have made the process fast and simple. It can also be customized for each small business, thanks to support staff available on live chat to assist with any questions and detailed steps for each product laid out in articles and videos.  
Myth 4: The Cloud is Too Expensive
Unlike traditional software, with cloud-based software you only pay for what you use. There are other big savings too – most notably you won’t need to employ an in-house IT specialist or team. With pricing options varying depending on exactly what your business needs, you can slash your expenses and use the additional money to take advantage of cloud-based apps.
As more and more businesses start using cloud-based software, it’s easy for you to join the revolution of small business owners leading the charge. Learn here how easy it is to migrate to the cloud.

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