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Business Tip: Use the Government of Canada’s Surplus Department to Find Inventory for Your Business

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If you’re looking to increase the amount of inventory or supplies your business has on hand, you might have an easier and cheaper option than you expected. The Canadian government has a special office that sells surplus assets to the general public.

GCSurplus, of Public Services and Procurement Canada, might be a resource for you to increase your inventory or acquire certain supplies for your business. As a small business owner, you can simply register on the site, log in, and bid for a whole range of business assets.

Common items for sale on the site include typical office equipment, tools, and even vehicles. It may seem strange, but you can actually purchase surplus boats and airplanes for your business through GCSurplus. Note that all of the assets sold on the site are surplus government items that are no longer needed for government operations. Don’t let this hold you back though. You may find equipment in great condition for very low prices since the government simply wants to get the assets off their books for a reasonable price.

Goods for auction also include forfeited goods from law enforcement agencies, such as jewelry, appliances, collectors’ items and more. You can also find large-volume materials and commodities such as certain metals, woods, and textiles. There are only a few categories of things that are not available for sale on the site. These include real estate and land, and also old, out-of-service electronic equipment.

Th eGCSurplus site is an easy place to find inexpensive assets for your business. Simply go the site, register, and begin browsing and bidding for things you need for your business.

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