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Worried About Facebook’s Unpredictability? Get Back to the Basics of SEO

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For years, business owners have used Facebook as an integral part of their social media marketing strategy because of its amount of active users and the platform’s ability to publish extremely targeted online ads at a fair price. However, Facebook’s algorithm — the “rules” determining who sees what content — changes frequently. It’s unpredictable, which makes it important for you to continually focus on your website’s SEO so it maintains a consistent flow of traffic long-term.

How Facebook Algorithm Changes Affect Businesses

Unfortunately, Facebook’s algorithm changes aren’t typically ideal for businesses. In most cases, they favor content from individual users over media and business content. This means, the amount of people who actually see the organic content published on your Facebook business page is really limited, but this wasn’t always the case.

At one time, users viewed content in their Facebook newsfeed in chronological order. However, that all changed in late 2016, when Facebook made a major change that allowed an algorithm to decide what users should see in their newsfeed. This change limited the reach of the posts on your business Facebook page to an average of 30 percent of your total follower count.

In early 2018, another big change to Facebook’s algorithm was announced. This change also favors individual user posts over business and media posts, which makes it even more important for business owners to alter their online marketing strategy to include basic SEO tactics in addition to social media marketing.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO techniques help the search engines index your website’s content properly, which when done correctly, increases your website’s traffic. The process uses a combination of strategically placed keyword phrases and backlink-building techniques to give your search engine results a boost. The goal is for your content to show up on the first page of the search results when a person types your selected keyword phrase into Google — the higher up the page, the better. By choosing extremely relevant keywords and using basic SEO techniques to boost your search engine results, you drive targeted traffic to your website, which results in more leads and higher sales.

The Basics of SEO

It’s actually a lot easier than most people think to implement basic SEO techniques. First, use an SEO analyzer to evaluate your website’s current optimization. Then, follow use these tips to give your SEO a boost.

  • Brainstorm possible keyword phrases to use within your content. Be sure to choose keyword phrases relevant to the content on your website and are phrases people are likely to search.
  • Use the Keyword Planner Tool from Google Adwords to research your keywords. Ideally, you want to use relevant keyword phrases that are popular with users, but don’t have a lot of competition.
  • Place the keywords you choose in your content, the title, subtitles, and the metadata. It’s a good idea to focus on creating relevant, helpful content first, and then, adding your keyword phrases later. This way, the keyword phrases you use are included, but they aren’t the focus of your content.
  • To build backlinks, share links to your content on your social media sites, include content links in guest posts your write, and list them on online directories relevant to your business.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t give up on Facebook just because it makes an algorithm change. Instead, alter your Facebook marketing strategies a bit so you have time and money available to build up your website’s SEO. This way, you have multiple streams of website traffic to rely on.

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