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How to Leverage Virtual Reality as a Real Estate Agent

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.Virtual reality has made its way from the lab to the real world, and real estate agents are particularly poised to take advantage of the new technology. Inexpensive consumer-grade VR headsets that work with a smartphone and full-immersion setups such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive make it easy for agents to show off properties to potential buyers in the office or send a link so clients can check out the home or commercial facility at their own convenience.

Showcasing Homes for Sale

Selling homes and commercial properties the traditional way involves countless hours of visiting different locations, which can mean fighting traffic and scheduling around both the buyer’s and seller’s availability. Virtual reality makes the entire process easier by letting potential buyers do a virtual walkthrough of multiple homes before narrowing down which ones they want to see in person. This is especially important for showing luxury properties because potential buyers often live in another state or country. With a detailed scan of the actual building and surrounding environment, a real estate agent could set up a virtual experience that lets buyers check out the view from upstairs windows, open cabinets, see how rooms look at different times of the day, and peer behind the walls to investigate plumbing or electrical systems. Buyers can also visit a property over and over again in the virtual world during the decision process instead of having to rely on memory or schedule another in-person visit, and they can share the virtual tour with friends or family members.

Imaginative Immersive Experiences

Part of selling a home, apartment or business is helping the client envision what the structure might look like once occupied. Virtual reality lets you add furniture to empty rooms, place figures in a store, or move built-in fixtures around to show future renovation possibilities. Being able to picture the property in use gives a client confidence that the property under consideration is the right choice, making a sale more likely. Real estate professionals working together with interior designers, landscape artists or lighting specialists can offer a full virtual package to entice high-end buyers by showing them the full potential of a given property.

Building a Virtual Future

When it comes to selling homes and commercial properties that aren’t built yet, virtual reality can be a window into the future look and feel of developments in progress. Builders, real estate agents, and future buyers can work together using a shared virtual reality experience to tour the building before it is even built. Virtual reality also allows for large-scale changes in real time, so the buyer or agent can suggest a possible alteration and the builder could show exactly what that change would look like from any perspective. Harnessing the power of virtual reality to enhance your real estate business gives you an edge over competitors who rely on in-person visits or 2-D photographs. Immerse yourself in the future of real estate by adding VR experiences to your list of standard services.

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