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How to Make Working Hours on Your Computer More Comfortable and Productive

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As a small business owner, you probably spend a good amount of time working on a computer. During these long work days, a little comfort can go a long way. In fact, it can even make you more productive. The trick? Finding ways to change your position to prevent stiffness and allow the freedom to move. With the right products, you can upgrade your workstation so it’s more flexible and easier on your body.

Create a Portable Standing Computer Desk With the StandStand

Do you work from many different locations throughout the day? If so, it can be tough to find a comfortable position — especially if you want to stand up. That’s where the StandStand can help. This portable unit turns any flat surface into a standing desk, so you can work on your laptop from anywhere. All you need to do is fold out the interlocking legs and attach the wooden top. Small rubber grips on the bottom prevent your laptop from moving while you work. Between uses, the desk folds down into a flat package that fits into your backpack or laptop bag. Work on a desktop computer? The company also makes the StandStand Grand, which has space for your monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

With the StandStand, you can go from sitting to standing quickly, without breaking your concentration. The convenient assembly makes it easy to shift positions frequently, which is more comfortable and better for your health than hours of sitting still. The compact unit is a great alternative to a standing desk, especially if you’re working with limited space or a tight budget. When it comes to aesthetics, the StandStand’s simple wooden frame gives your office decor a relaxed, contemporary look.

Increase Productive Working Hours With the ModTable

If you spend most of the day in front of the computer — and you have some wiggle room in the budget — the ModTable can be a more permanent solution. On the surface, this table looks like a traditional desk with a large worktop. The secret? A hand crank on the side. When you turn the crank, it raises the desktop. This flexible adjustment can help you get comfortable, no matter how you’re feeling. Raise it high to work in a standing position, or stick with counter height to accommodate a drafting stool. When you need to sit, the desktop adjusts to the perfect height for your desk chair. All of the items stay in place on your desktop, so you don’t have to rearrange each time you change positions. Your belongings stay in the same place, which helps you stay productive throughout the day.

The big advantage of the ModTable? It’s considerably cheaper than other sit-to-stand desks on the market. This price tag means that you can expect to assemble the table yourself, a process that takes about 30 minutes. The actual cranking takes about 20 seconds. The table comes in four sizes and multiple finishes, so you can pick the option that fits your space and style.

Increase Computer Comfort With the Varidesk

If you’re renting an office or a co-working space, you might be stuck with the existing furniture. When you can’t swap out your existing furniture for more comfortable options, the Varidesk is a possible solution. Varidesk models sit on top of your desk, turning it into a sit-to-stand desk. The secret is in the weighted base, which provides stability without damaging the surface of the desk. Once you install your Varidesk, you can raise it from sitting to standing with a quick pull. The spring-loaded arms allow you to raise and lower the desk comfortably.

Varidesks come in a variety of models. Many feature space for dual monitors, which makes it easier to multitask during a busy day. If you run your business out of a cubicle, you can choose the corner model. Most models feature multiple tiers, so when you stand, your keyboard, monitor, and office supplies come with you.

When you can change positions quickly, it’s easier to stay comfortable at your computer during long work sessions. By finding the product that fits into your budget and space, you can ease discomfort and be more productive. Need more ways to boost productivity? QuickBooks Self-Employed app helps freelancers, contractors and sole proprietors track and manage your business on the go. Download the app.

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