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Free and Low-Cost Online Bilingual Surveys Help Strengthen Customer Relationships

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Surveys can be a powerful tool when you’re trying to learn about your clients or the marketplace in general. If you have both English and French speaking clients, you may want to use a free or low-cost bilingual survey. Luckily, there are a variety of online tools that make that pretty easy.

To present your survey in both languages, consider checking out services such as Google Surveys, MicroHero or OmniConvert. All of these companies offer relatively similar services with slight differences. For instance, OmniConvert helps you embed surveys on your website, and you can opt for them to appear as soon as customers pull up your site, when they start scrolling, if they click on a certain item, or when they try to leave the site. As of 2018, this service is free for up to 5,000 surveys on one website, but if you want an unlimited number of surveys with support from a dedicated account manager, you pay a custom rate based on your exact needs.

MicroHero guides you through the process of creating compelling questions, but then, you get to decide if you want to send your survey to your existing clients or a group of consumers curated by MircoHero. Finally, Google Surveys offers a variety of different services at a number of different price points so you can easily find what you need. You could also use Google Forms to create surveys for free. All three of these services can help translate your English survey into French.

If you want support in both French and English as well as bilingual surveys, you may want to check out Interceptum or LimeSurvery Professional. Companies such as The Globe and Mail and government agencies such as Fisheries and Oceans Canada have all used Interceptum to create surveys, and this company can host your survey or help you put it on your own site. Prices vary based on the exact services you want. Similarly, Lime Services Professional also has a variety of different options and price points.

Surveys help you get to know your customers, their demographics, and their purchasing habits. They can also help you gather feedback on your services, make decisions about your products, and find information on a range of other topics. Best of all, many services are free, and thanks to built in translation tools, you can reach your clients regardless of their native tongue.

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