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How to Start An Online Retail Business Successfully

Ecommerce Marketing 101: A Retail Marketing Guide

Now that you’re familiar with best SEO practices for driving sales, it’s time to look into more direct online shop promotion ideas. These retail marketing strategies encompass a wide range of approaches so you can reach a broad audience while still honing in on your target demographic. Start by implementing these tried-and-true marketing methods, and then adapt and shift your approach as you see what works and what doesn’t.

Generate Online Reviews

These days, most consumers check online reviews before they buy a product. As a new online retail business, every positive review counts. One way to generate more reviews is to seek out relevant reviewers, and see if they’re interested in reviewing your product. If you sell your product on Amazon, go to Amazon’s list of top reviewers, and send out messages offering to send them your product for free in exchange for an honest review. Another option is to go on YouTube, and search for relevant product reviews, and then send the reviewer a private message. Simply searching for product reviews related to your industry should reveal plenty of niche websites where you can submit your product.

To generate reviews without giving out freebies, wait a few days after the product has been delivered to a customer, and then send a follow-up email asking them to leave a review. You can further incentivize them by offering a coupon code in exchange for a review. Make sure your website links to any websites where you hope to receive reviews; common examples include Facebook, Yelp, and CNET.

Leverage Social Media

If you’re not using social media to market your business online, you’re doing it wrong. Social media makes it easy to connect with your target audience effectively and for free. Provide new, high-quality content regularly, and share it under relevant hashtags. Encourage your followers to share your content and tag their friends in the comments. For additional exposure, take out targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram. With social media, you can hone in on a very specific niche demographic that’s likely to respond positively to your ad campaign. It only takes a few shares to have social media ads go viral, making them an extremely high-potential marketing option that’s still budget-friendly.

Hold a Giveaway

As a new business in a saturated market, getting some attention can be difficult. In order to stand out from your competition, hold a contest with a high-value prize. You can make your investment worthwhile by incentivizing customers to promote your business with your giveaways. For example, you could require that your social media followers share a post in order to be entered into a drawing. On a smaller scale, use the same concept to build your email list. Offer one-time discount codes for new signups, and then send out regular updates with links to new products, sales, and other pertinent information. A little friendly bribery can go a long way in helping your business to expand.

Pay for Ads

The great thing about these online shop promotion ideas is that they’re surprisingly cost-efficient. If you do have even a small budget, consider investing in online ads. In addition to targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, pay for promoted pins on Pinterest, search engine ads with Google AdWords, promotional content on Reddit, and relevant ads on YouTube.

Try to identify the online location where your product would be most desired, and then look into paid advertising options there. Once you see which ads people respond to, invest more into those campaigns, and cancel the ones that aren’t panning out. Retail marketing is an ongoing process, so don’t get too comfortable. Adapt and evolve your strategies, and remain persistent.

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