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Software Options for Your Geofencing Needs

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Geofencing utilizes GPS technology to draw a perimeter around a geographical area. These tools allow businesses to market to clients based on their location. Geofencing doubles app usage, increases customer engagement and boosts profits. However, these tools can be useful outside of the realm of marketing as well. If you want to optimize your marketing techniques or leverage geofencing tools in other ways, check out some of these tools and services.


ReachLocal bills itself as software with service. The company has clients all over the world, helping them target their marketing campaigns to customers or prospects in a set geographical zone. For example, you may use ReachLocal to send coupons, special offers or alerts to clients within a certain radius of your shop. Alternatively, you may customize which products you advertise based on a client’s location. However, that only scratches the surface of what ReachLocal does.

The service takes a multi-pronged approach to marketing that involves the following:

  • Making your website more responsive.

  • Implementing search engine optimization strategies to boost traffic from web searches.

  • Listing your company on local websites.

  • Managing your social media accounts.

  • Handling digital marketing campaigns.

ReachLocal also helps you modify and customize your marketing efforts to follow the money. In particular, the software can identify where your leads are located and trace the types of actions they take, such as calling your company, filling out an online form or making a purchase. When you break down that information by location, it gives you the data you need to reach out to clients in an effective and concentrated way.

As you use the software, it can help you assess the revenue potential of certain actions. For example, if you are considering starting a new marketing campaign in a specific area, the software can help you look at the history of customer actions and engagement in that area, and it can generate revenue estimates based on that data. By helping you see the potential return on investment of your marketing outreach, this tool helps you make marketing leaner and more affordable.


Only available in Canada and the United States, UpSnap uses GPS to figure out where clients are when they are doing an internet search, and it only displays your ads to clients within a specified area. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you may only want your ads to appear to clients within a 5-mile radius of your shop who are searching for coffee shops; if you own a specialty shop that clients will drive to, you may want your ads to appear to anyone who is searching particular keywords within a 15-mile radius.

Using UpSnap, you can create a geofence around your business, a landmark or almost any location of your choosing. You may also control apps by the time of day. For example, you may opt to only show ads during your working hours. SNAPalytics helps you assess the data generated by UpSnap so you can make cost-effective, results-oriented marketing decisions.


Pulsate offers geofencing marketing tools that are embedded in your company’s own app. The software can give users detailed directions to your location, and it can alert them if they pass your location, reducing the amount of customers who just drive, walk or bicycle by without stopping. The targeted advertising tools can send messages or alerts to clients based on their locations. You can send alerts to app users when they enter a certain area, leave a certain area or stay in a set area for a certain amount of time.

When creating geofences with Pulsate, you aren’t limited to a choosing a radius and drawing a circle around a location. You can create your geofence using complicated, non-symmetrical polygons that make sense in the real world. Macro fences allow you to target a whole city, a stadium or a convention center with a single tap. Micro fences target specific rooms in a venue. For example, if you want to send a message to app users when they enter a certain wing of the local mall, you can do so. You may also target more than one area at a time. For example, if you own several locations, you could use Pulsate to send an alert to all app users who are within a certain distance of any of your locations. You can customize marketing around each location depending on the target clientele in that area.

This software relies on customers downloading and using your app, and it still works if customers close the app or have it running in the background. Pulsate works hard to be as unobtrusive as possible, so the app sends messages that don’t drain smartphone batteries.

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