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StratPad – Canada’s Leading Startup Tool

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Learn about StratPad and how it can help you to build the plan to start and grow your business.

“I believe that entrepreneurs are the primary sources of innovation and new employment in our societies. The stronger our entrepreneurs, the stronger and more vibrant are our societies.”
– Alex Glassey

Through his own experience as a serial entrepreneur and business consultant, Alex identified the need for a simplified, practical approach to strategy that would make sense for entrepreneurs. After identifying this gap, the idea forStratPad was born. With StratPad, Alex hopes to help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed. With over 28,000 downloads from the App Store, Alex has fulfilled this objective, making a profound difference to entrepreneurs, clients and students around the world.

What motivated you to start StratPad? 

I wanted to help entrepreneurs succeed. Strategy is an extraordinarily powerful business tool but, historically, it’s been the purview of big business. It hasn’t been particularly practical or accessible for startups or small business. I set out to create a simplified, practical approach to strategy that would make sense for entrepreneurs. I based it on my own startup experience and on my work teaching and consulting to small business. I thought that an app could help even more entrepreneurs than I could reach by myself. The approach made a profound difference to my clients and students.

What do you feel is the greatest challenge that entrepreneurs face in Canada? 

Canadian entrepreneurs, like entrepreneurs all over the world, need to learn how to tell their story effectively in order to get the resources they need. Traditional business education and planning, at their best, don’t fully respond to the unique needs of smaller firms. At their worst, they’re more of a barrier to resources than an enabler.

Do you feel there is too much emphasis placed on government in solving the problems of entrepreneurs? Whose role is it: Media, Education, Government or startups themselves?  

It takes everybody working in concert to create an environment that fully supports entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs bring their ideas, their passion and their energy. As the people closest to the new venture and the ones that will benefit most from its success, they should be primarily responsible to solve their problems. That being said, we are all enriched by their success and made poorer by their failure. We all, therefore, have a role to play and we need to play it well.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned from building StratPad? 

I have (re)learned that entrepreneurs everywhere share an incredible thirst to be successful; they’ll do whatever it takes to succeed. We just need to give them easy access to the basics and then get out of their way.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who are starting up today? 

I have two pieces of advice for new entrepreneurs:

  1. Think strategically from the day one, and;
  2. Before spending money, talk to as many potential customers as possible about your potential offering.
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