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Three Surprising Ways Hair Stylists Are Using the Cloud

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Hair styling may not be a profession you immediately think of in relation to cloud computing for small business; however, there are, in fact, a number of ways that hair stylists can improve the operation of their business through the use of cloud-based accounting software and other software programs. In addition to cloud storage, hair stylists or hair styling salons can take advantage of salon-specific software and also use the cloud for advertising, marketing and branding.


Hair styling, as an individual profession or part of a hair salon, is a business like any other business, and therefore needs to carefully track and analyze revenues and expenses. Using a popular cloud-based accounting software program such as QuickBooks Online, or one of the more basic, free accounting software programs, is a convenient solution for the small business owner of a hair styling salon or for an individual working as a professional hair stylist. Salon owners can use cloud-based accounting software not only for basic bookkeeping and accounting, but also to track the productivity of each individual stylist who works at the salon, thus enabling the salon owner/manager to identify its “stars.”

Marketing, Advertising and Branding

Cloud software programs such as HootSuite, used by more than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies, offer an easy, cost-effective way to advertise your hair styling services and enhance your brand identity in the marketplace through the use of social media outlets. Programs such as Marketing Essentials automatically update your company’s Facebook page and offer email marketing tools. Automated social media posting is an easy way to reach out to potential new customers, stay in touch with existing customers and gradually raise the profile of your hair styling business in the marketplace. Social media outlets are an excellent avenue for spreading the word about sales or other promotions.

A number of professionals such as hair stylists utilize YouTube videos as a way of advertising their services and as a means of gaining recognition as an expert in their field. Hair stylists can demonstrate various styling services, while salon owners can produce YouTube videos that showcase the various services they offer or testimonials from satisfied customers.

Salon Management

Many hair styling salon owners or independent hair stylists may not be aware there are a number of hair styling-specific, cloud-based software programs available to help them manage and grow their business. Software programs such as Salon Iris or Rosy Salon and Spa are specifically designed as all-in-one business software for hair stylists and salons. These programs offer a full range of services for managing a hair styling business, including customer scheduling; customer records where stylists can record the specific hair styling products that each customer uses; automated text message appointment confirmations; payroll and business reports; point-of-sale (POS) credit card services; and marketing campaigns. There’s even an iPad and Android app, called TapStyle, for managing a hair styling business.

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