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Top Document and Receipt Scanner Apps for iOS and Android

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The era of paper receipts and invoices is over. Small businesses can operate more efficiently by organizing and storing documents and receipts in digital form on a computer or a cloud-based platform. Take a look at some of the most popular mobile apps allowing you to use your smartphone as a document scanner when you are away from the office. You can copy and organize documents and receipts in digital form, making them available for multiple software applications. As a result, it is no longer necessary to enter information manually from paper receipts to multiple software programs, often requiring duplicate entries to different files.

Scan Receipts With Scanbot

Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or Android device, Scanbot allows you to scan a variety of items because it has edge detection technology. This allows you to capture only the document or other image, without the need to crop the edges for a clean appearance. Scanbot offers quality image resolution at 200 dots per inch. A higher number of dots per inch allows you to capture fine print, handwriting, bar codes and QR codes. Take advantage of the enhanced camera resolution of the iPhone 4 (or later) to scan documents with optical character recognition capability. Optical character recognition technology allows you to save scanned documents using less storage memory than a JPG file would require. Scanbot also has a blur reduction feature. Small business owners might prefer Scanbot over other mobile scanning apps because it can handle multipage documents and lets you add more pages to existing scanned documents. It has several modes for allowing you to scan documents in color. Scanbot can save documents to a variety of cloud-based platforms, including Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote and Box.

Scanner Pro by Readdle

Scanbot’s top competitor is Scanner Pro by Readdle. However, the Scanner Pro app is compatible only with devices using Apple’s iOS. Scanner Pro offers fast edge detection and automatically takes a photograph once you establish a steady view of the document. This app lets you scan the document in black and white, grayscale or color. It offers separate scanning modes for color photos and color documents. The color document mode preserves the white paper background without adding artifacts resulting from shadows. Scanner Pro allows you to scan multipage documents without having to tap the Add Page button, as is necessary when using Scanbot. Scanner Pro offers OCR capability, but it is necessary to proofread all of your scans to avoid typographical errors. Scanner Pro offers a unique workflow function, allowing you to automate delivery of scanned receipts to a specific email address or cloud-based file folder simply by tapping the workflow button. Another unique feature of Scanner Pro is its ability to scan bound documents, such as books, while correcting for the curvature of the page resulting from being bound at the side.

Smile Software’s PDFpen Scan+

Smile Software’s PDFpen Scan+ is another app that is only compatible with devices using Apple’s iOS. PDFpen Scan+ creates files in PDF format and has OCR technology for processing scans. However, it is necessary to tap the OCR button to begin the OCR process, whereas the OCR process begins automatically with Scanbot and Scanner Pro. In addition to using pictures taken with the device’s camera, PDFpen Scan+ can import image files from your photo library as well as images stored on the cloud with Box, Evernote or Dropbox. It can also import text from PDF files and perform OCR on imported PDFs. PDFpen Scan+ lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of documents. Although this app automatically crops documents scanned with the camera, it is necessary to crop imported documents manually. PDFpen Scan+ allows you to scan multiple images to a single document.

Scan Receipts and Hear What They Say With Prizmo

Prizmo is compatible only with devices using Apple’s iOS. While Prizmo can export files to any iOS-compatible cloud-based storage platform, it automatically stores work-in-progress documents in iCloud. This app includes several image cleaning and enhancement features, such as perspective correction for pictures and text readability for scanned documents. Prizmo offers OCR capability, so you can correct or edit scanned text. Prizmo also supports multipage documents. Prizmo’s features allow visually impaired people to use this app. Text-to-speech capability allows Prizmo to read documents processed through OCR. You can adjust the speaking rate, with a selection of 36 regular voices and 73 high-quality voices. Voice guidance helps visually impaired users position the iPhone or iPad properly when taking pictures of documents. The text-to-speech option is available in 26 languages and can be downloaded at no cost.

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