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Use Scent Branding to Create a Unique Customer Experience

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Are you looking to boost your overall brand image and help your small business stand out from the competition? A marketing technique known as scent branding may be the ticket. The idea is to get customers to associate a particular scent or fragrance with your business. Many hotels have jumped on the scent-branding bandwagon, commissioning designer fragrances to give guests an extra sense of comfort and enjoyment. Retail establishments have also caught on and purposely designed their stores with scent branding in mind.

Importance of Smell

Scent branding works well for the simple reason that a person’s sense of smell is one of the most powerful and decisive senses. People are often immediately either attracted or repelled by a distinctive scent. A person’s sense of smell is the only sense that is completely developed from the moment of birth. It’s also the only sense that’s directly tied to areas of the brain that process emotions and memories. Scent memories create a connection between the what, when, and where of the memory, which takes the person back to the details, and even persist longer than visual memories.

It’s an immediate and significant plus for your business if walking into your store immediately triggers memories of previous pleasant shopping experiences or past memories with family and friends. If your store scent reminds shoppers of the smell of their grandma’s kitchen, it creates a warm, inviting feeling and may bring up happy childhood memories. Using the proper fragrance may make customers feel more comfortable or even think that they’re experiencing shorter wait times than they actually are.

Implementing Scent Branding

Using scent branding can help improve the overall in-store experience for your customers. Choosing a scent you want consumers to identify with your business is the first step in implementing fragrance branding. Fragrance experts at scent branding companies can help you choose an ideal scent to create the feeling you’re trying to create. You can also research scent basics to reveal things such as vanilla is generally a soothing scent, while peppermint or freesia tends to make people feel more upbeat and social.

You have several options for infusing your retail space with your selected scent. If some of your products, such as leather handbags, carry the fragrance you want, consider placing these items at the front of your store. This lets customers catch the scent as soon as they enter to establish that scent brand. Some businesses use scented candles located at strategic positions throughout their store – use caution if using real flames. Others use warm or cold air diffusion systems and nebulizers, dispersing the scent directly through their HVAC system. Even essential oil diffusers can let you create scent combinations that fit your branding. One business even employed the idea of infusing fragrances into notepads to release fragrance when clients press down to write on the pad.

Online Retailer Scent Branding

Scent branding seems easy when you have a brick-and-mortar shop, but it’s still possible to use scent branding if your business is online. If you operate an online e-commerce business that ships products to customers, you can package a distinctive fragrance packet into each shipment. As soon as customers open their packages, they get the scent and connect it to your brand.

Scent branding is one of many ways to set your business apart. Keep your business running smoothly with marketing strategies and a robust accounting system to keep accurate records. 4.3 million customers use QuickBooks. Join them today to help your business thrive for free.

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