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Using Performance Management Software for Small Business Development

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As a small business owner with a correspondingly small team of employees, having a top notch workforce is even more important than it is for a large corporation. Large companies with hundreds of employees aren’t all that negatively impacted if one or two employees aren’t quite up to par, but when you’re starting or managing a small business, one or two employees may represent 50% of your workforce. One of the tools that can help you more effectively evaluate, develop, and manage your team is employee performance management software. There are a number of excellent software options to choose from for your small business.

SpriggHR Talent Management Solutions

SpriggHR is a Toronto-based company that offers a complete employee performance management program. The software features technology that enables you to establish employee goals, observe competencies, and to align goals and performance to your company’s objectives. The software also enables you to get a comprehensive look at all aspects of employee performance, derived from a combination of internal and external sources. SpriggHR has an orientation feature as well — OrientationWare helps to systematize the orientation process and make it easier for new employees to quickly understand their role in your business and get to work.


ClearCompany is designed to meet human resource needs for public and private companies of any size. The software’s Talent Alignment Platform enables you to make seamless transitions between the recruiting, employee onboarding, and performance management programs. Other special features include tools to share information and reviews on social media, the ability to send bulk emails across and outside the company, as well as a program that allows you to check employee backgrounds with one click. ClearCompany is especially noteworthy for its customer support — the company offers continuous personal support to every business that uses its software.


ReviewSnap is ideally structured for small businesses. It offers a suite of integrated employee management solutions that include management of all payments and compensations, as well as easy access to performance reviews. ReviewSnap’s software enables every user to access all resources from its comprehensive dashboard instead of having to look up each application and accessing them individually. The software stresses flexibility, providing you with the ability for implementing advanced customization of the review process. Since ReviewSnap’s software is online, it can be accessed on any device that has an internet connection.


Engagedly’s software is extremely easy to use and designed with the specific goal of improving employee performance and engagement. Engagedly’s software is noteworthy for its research-based and constructed performance management platform. The software also puts you within easy and quick reach of real-time feedback, full-circle peer reviews, and modules for collaboration on project plans and other documents. Engagedly’s software is focused on the concept of keeping your employees connected with one another and with you. This program also affords you the opportunity to use applications to offer employees personalized feedback and rewards.

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