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Woodhouse Brewery Hops On The Cloud With Square And QuickBooks Online

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“Square and QuickBooks Online save me three-four hours every week. I spend that time with my customers.” – Graham Woodhouse, Woodhouse Brewery

The Challenge

Graham Woodhouse loves craft beer so much that he wanted to leave his corporate job and start a brewery. For his business to work, he knew he needed to find a sweet spot in the market so his offering was different than all of the others. He wanted to focus on his passion for simple beer, done right. Most of the craft beer options available were big, dark and hoppy. Lighter options for people who were just being introduced to the field didn’t exist. So he created a lighter, more accessible option and the Woodhouse Brewery was born.

Since Graham was just starting his business, he wouldn’t have the slick distribution channel that the major brands enjoy. Graham would be driving to restaurants and bars all over Toronto by himself to sell and deliver his beer. The more time he spent with customers, the more sales he could deliver. If his business was going to succeed, he needed his financial and payment information to be as mobile as he was.

The Solution – Square + QuickBooks Online

When putting his business together, Graham had heard about both Square and QuickBooks Online. Square would enable him to accept mobile payments on the road, and QuickBooks Online would enable him to have all his financial information on his smartphone. Both products were easy for him to set up and start using.

Once he was up and running, he was delighted to learn that Intuit made an app called Sync with Square that connected the two and enabled data sharing. Sync with Square automatically feeds Square transaction data directly into QuickBooks Online saving him three – four hours of data entry and filing every week. That extra time helped him to grow his business enough to hire a driver to help with the load.

“Square and QuickBooks Online have made my business truly mobile. My financials are always right with me on my phone.”

Now Graham doesn’t have to set aside time to update his books. It’s all done automatically with Sync with Square. When an order comes through, he just sends his driver an email without having to stop what he’s doing. Graham also doesn’t have to visit clients multiple times until the person who writes the check is in the office. He can get paid using Square.

Graham uses reports in QuickBooks Online to gauge inventory levels needed, accounts payable and receivable and when a customer’s orders are up or down. That type of information enables him to focus on the customers that need his attention most. And there’s no guesswork because he has all of the numbers in the palm of his hand.

“Up to date financials help me to make better business decisions.”

In just two years, Woodhouse Brewery has gone from zero to 150 customers, including bars, restaurants and the Canadian-run liquor stores. He’s now launched a second beer, and both his beers are Ontario Brewer Festival medal winners. He couldn’t be more thrilled with his success.

Not one to sit around, Graham’s next goal is to expand into other Canadian provinces so Woodhouse Brewery can achieve 100% growth year over year.

With the time he saves with Square and QuickBooks Online, maybe one of these days Graham can stop and enjoy a beer.

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