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Zeekit Makes the Digital Dressing Room a Retail Reality

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If your business sells clothing or accessories online, you know it can be tough for customers to pick the right item without trying it on. Enter Zeekit. This exciting platform is a digital dressing room that lets your customers try on clothes virtually. Zeekit makes it easier to choose flattering items the first time, so you end up with happier shoppers and lower return shipping fees.

How Does Zeekit Work?

When your customers use Zeekit, they upload a photo of themselves to the platform, and Zeekit processes the image as a 3D model. Your customers then select one of your clothing items. Thanks to the program’s 3D fit, the clothing doesn’t just lay flat on top of the shopper’s photo — it wraps around the contours of the body for a more realistic look. The software even accounts for the fabric type, so you can see the actual drape of the garment. That way, you can help customers figure out which clothing is flattering for their unique body type. Since Zeekit considers the measurements of each piece, it’s easier for your customers find the right size in any brand.

Personalizing Your Shopping Experience

If you’re looking to build long-lasting relationships with your customers, Zeekit can help. In addition to virtual try-on options, the platform helps you customize each person’s shopping experience. Want to show off more of your collection? Zeekit can recommend items that might be flattering based on the shopper’s body type. It also lets you send out a personalized lookbook by email to keep your customers coming back for more. If you sell separates, Zeekit allows shoppers to mix and match pieces to create full outfits, which is ideal for upselling different items.

Benefits for Small Businesses

When you run a small business, you might not have room in the budget for free return shipping or complicated multi-size ordering. Programs such as Zeekit can give you an instant competitive advantage, even over larger retail companies. When your customers can choose a flattering, perfectly fitted garment on the first try, that makes online shopping more fun. With a virtual dressing room, shoppers can "try on" your clothes at any time, from anywhere — no need to worry about travel, parking, or business hours. This mix of convenience and accuracy can build serious brand loyalty for your store. Want to boost your company’s visibility? The Zeekit app also lets your shoppers share photos of themselves "wearing" your clothing to social media.

How Can You Get Zeekit?

As of April 2018, Zeekit lets businesses have a demo of the software and "try it on" button. If you’re happy with the way the service works, you can work personally with the company to install it permanently in your online store. Pricing varies, but you can expect to pay Zeekit a small fee each time the service sends a shopper to one of your product pages. If a shopper purchases the item, Zeekit also takes a small commission.

Whether you sell your own designs or curate items from other designers, Zeekit can be a big help. With its advanced technology, this virtual dressing room can help your customers buy with confidence.

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