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Cash Flow Forecasting Software

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Cash flow forecasting software can save your company time and money. It tracks the cash inflows and outflows of your business so you always know how much money your company has. Forecasting software allows you to see information whenever you need it, reduces your risk of running out of money, and lets you spend more time focusing on how your business is doing. You will know about potential problems, because cash flow forecasting can highlight issues that may be approaching. Cash flow forecasting reports that are downloaded from software can be used as external reports. You can give these reports to banks when you’re trying to secure a loan or to private investors when you’re trying to get private funding. Having a cash flow projection will also let you strengthen vendor relationships; you will know when you can submit orders and will not fall behind on payments. There are multiple software options for your company. Intuit’s QuickBooks has cash flow forecasting features. Pulse is a cash flow forecasting application that allows integration with QuickBooks. PlanGuru is another software option that lets you report in Excel, QuickBooks, or other file formats. Any of these options let you see how your cash balance is doing. By having this information, you can make smarter decisions, spend your time more wisely, and have your company perform better.

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