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5 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Your Small Business Clients

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As a small business owner, client gift giving might be the last thing on your mind as you try to wrap up projects and make time for friends and family over the holidays. However, giving a client a gift, no matter how small, spreads a lot of goodwill and could put you first in line to receive that client’s business in the new year. Consider these last-minute holiday gifts for clients while you’re out shopping.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets tend to be more personal; consider giving this type of gift to a client you know well. You can buy a pre-made gift basket, or buy various items meaningful to your client, buy a basket, ribbons and clear cellophane bags and put together the gift basket yourself. Assembling a gift basket provides you with an opportunity to let you client know you’ve been paying attention. Consider adding your client’s favorite brands of coffee beans, chocolates and other treats to your personalized gift baskets.

Snack Boxes

For less than $60, you have a professionally packed box of snacks sent directly to your client. You can also give a snack box subscription for several months or up to one year; sending a snack box monthly could cost you anywhere from $300 to $600, depending the company from which you buy the subscription. Snack box companies typically include a range of healthy snacks – some of which may be locally produced – such as energy bars, trail mix and chocolates.

Hardbound Books

Hardbound books make great conversation starters and interesting decor for office shelves and coffee tables. Gauge your clients’ interests before heading out to the bookstore. A client who is an aviation buff might appreciate a book about historic airplanes, while your foodie clients might love receiving a cookbook by the hottest celebrity chef. Business bestsellers, such as “Lean In” by Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg or “The Essays of Warren Buffett” by Lawrence A. Cunningham, make appropriate gifts for clients. Consider shopping for new books on sale or clearance if you’re on a budget. Bookstore gift cards also work well as client gifts.

Magazine Subscriptions

Your clients might enjoy receiving gift subscriptions to leading Canadian business magazines (such as Canadian Business) or general interest magazines (such as Canadian Living). One-year magazine subscriptions range in price, but many cost no more than $20. Send the gift subscription confirmation to your client in a holiday card.

Treats for the Office

The gift of treats for your clients’ staffers can be as simple or elaborate as your budget permits. If you have a healthy budget aside for gifts, consider sending a catered breakfast or lunch spread. The gift of treats can still pack a punch even if you’re on a budget. Consider sending an assortment of traditional Canadian candies or treats such as maple syrup cookies or shortbread for your client’s break room or reception area.

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