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Manage Dozens of Client Conversations and Customer Contact Apps at Once With Nimble Contact

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Nimble Contact is an app takes the outdated Rolodex concept to the next level. It’s a fantastic tool for building and maintaining customer and client relations, making contact management fast, easy, and intuitive. Nimble even offers a tier and tool specifically for small businesses with teams of five people or less.

So how can Nimble help improve your approach to contact management? For starters, the app offers social search and segmentation features that allow you to organize your contacts according to many details, including the following:

  • Company name
  • Title
  • Location
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Shared relationship
  • Mutual interests

With that information and more at your fingertips, you can easily search for the most relevant contacts depending on your goals. The app also synchronizes all of your existing contacts from Office 365, G Suite, and more than 80 other cloud-based CRM, marketing, accounting, and customer service apps. It even puts all of your conversations from various social outlets such as Gmail and Twitter into one place, allowing you to reference them and respond with ease.

Nimble Contact also allows you to build contact profiles on the fly from your email contact box as well as anywhere you’re browsing on the web, From Facebook to Forbes. Say you find a company that could be an ideal partner for your small business. You could pull information about the company such as the number of employees, annual revenue, social profiles, CEO information, and more. The app also uses AI to make sure that information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and addresses are always up to date.

In addition to the incredible contact management and insights tools, Nimble includes a powerful calendar tool for managing and tracking activities. Besides helping you to stay organized and on track, the activity management tools can be synchronized with your team’s calendars, allowing you to follow up on important deadlines and receive confirmation when an activity has been completed.

As you can see, Nimble is packed with modern features that can really give your small business the competitive edge, especially when it comes to building relationships and improving customer satisfaction. After all, running a small business or startup can get busy, and traditional means of storing and accessing company, client, and customer information don’t always cut it. Give Nimble a try — you may find that it’s just what you need.

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