We Care and Give Back: Youth Without Shelter

By QuickBooks Canada Team

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Intuit Canada is proud to give back to the community through our We Care and Give Back program. It provides each Intuit employee with 32 hours of volunteer time during work hours, encouraging everyone to participate. Volunteering at Intuit Canada has included working with the Junior Achievement program, Habitat for Humanity, and even working with international organizations.

The small business marketing team in Mississauga recently worked with Youth Without Shelter, an organization providing short and long term shelter and support for youth ages 16-24. Our team of fourteen divided up into two groups, one to help paint areas of the shelter that needed a lift, and the other cooked dinner for all of the youth at the shelter.


It was an incredible experience that taught our group about how a little work can go a long way. Furthermore, it was beneficial for our team to get some bonding time that wasn’t related to our usual work. As a group we came together for a common cause, and all are stronger as a result.

Roller going on

It is important for organizations to act as upstanding corporate citizens, and each small act adds up. The impact of these volunteer experiences means more to the recipients than most of us could have imagined. Organizations can get lost in the usual sales cycle and promotions, counting profit as the only measure of bottom line. The truth is that organizational commitment to initiatives in working with the community strengthens employee relationships, increases workplace morale, and most importantly helps support the community which supports it.

Take some time to give back to your community. It doesn’t have to be an enormous undertaking; it could be picking up garbage in the park, or a canned food drive. Everyone will be better off because of it.

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