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How to Communicate and Integrate Your Company Culture Into Daily Work

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Company culture isn’t something you jot down quickly to paste on your company website. It’s a way of life around the office every day. If you’re not actively working to stick to your company’s cultural ideals, you’re letting your employees make up their own rules about how to act. Work toward a consistent way to communicate and implement your culture.

If you have written down details on your culture, start there. You may have an ideal vision in your head, but your employees can’t follow something that’s just an idea. Decide what you value most and what you want your employees to embrace. Examples include teamwork, creativity, diversity, acceptance, and freedom to share ideas. Share the written culture statement with employees and on your website.

Training sessions help your current staff learn how to embrace the culture. You might offer a class on effective teamwork or how to support diversity. A company retreat is another way to reinforce the important parts of your culture. Plan art-based activities for the retreat if you want to boost creativity. Working cultural elements into job expectations can also support your goals. If teamwork is a priority, add those expectations into job descriptions.

When you expand your team, make your company culture clear in the job ad. Ask questions during the interview to make sure the new hire is a good fit. Hiring people who support your company culture helps you keep it intact as you grow.

Your actions have a big impact on the company culture. It doesn’t matter what you write on your website if your behaviour contradicts the cultural values of your business. People look to you for guidance. Your behaviour sets the tone for everyone else. Connect with your employees to build a positive environment. When you plan company events, make sure they fit into your established goals.

Culture plays an important role in the work environment. Make intentional efforts to grow and maintain a positive company culture that aligns with your goals.

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