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Building a Company Culture That Values Creativity

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Creativity is the mother of innovation, so building a company culture that values creativity can help you and your employees come up with winning ideas time and again. Here are some tips to help you make your business a place where creativity blooms.

Go for an Open Floor Plan

Closed spaces feel confining, and being surrounded by cubicle walls can stifle creativity. You can create a workplace where creative juices flow freely by getting rid of walls. For starters, consider choosing a space that has plenty of windows and lots of natural light. Instead of setting up closed-in workstations, you might furnish your office with large conference tables and comfortable office chairs around which your employees can work. If you need a private office, transparent barriers such as tempered glass walls can eliminate the feeling you’re closed off from your staff. Warm paint colors and decorative touches such as comfortable sofas and cozy break nooks create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages creativity.

Offer Flexible Hours

Some creative people avoid nine-to-five jobs, so you may be missing an opportunity to have the most creative talent on your staff if you keep strict business hours. One way to attract employees with strong creative streaks is to offer flexible hours. Consider allowing your employees to set their own schedules, within reason of course. For example, you might provide your employees with building access so that early risers can report to work as early as they wish, and those whose creativity peaks in the evening can work well into the night. Flexible hours also extend to allowing your employees to work remotely and limiting the attendance requirement for meetings.

Have Lots of Fun

Some of the most creative ideas and solutions to problems reveal themselves when you’re kicking back and sharing laughs with your staff. Having lots of fun at work achieves this goal. The best way to have fun with your staff is when you’re on the clock rather than off the clock. Consider organizing team-building activities such as pick-up basketball or just make time to goof off with your workers during the workday. A weekly luncheon or happy hour with gourmet food, beer, and wine can be a great way to relax and have fun on the job. Dress-up parties when it’s not Halloween and impromptu singalongs are also a great way to have fun and boost your workplace creativity culture.

Take Risks

Creative ideas can be risky, but taking a risk may be what you need to increase your revenue, revolutionize your industry, or even change the world. Consider encouraging your employees to share their riskiest ideas with you. Even when you pass on an idea, offering rewards for risk-taking encourages your employees to keep thinking outside the box. If you go forward with a risky, creative idea from your employees and it pans out, they’ll appreciate it when you acknowledge their efforts.

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