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Kickstart KW Final Four: Neverfrost

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What would a $15’000 kick-start and professional services win mean for your business? How would you use these funds?
We’ve gotten prototypes of our anti-frost film to work really well, but getting durability of our film to 5 years and ensuring consistency during production leaves a lot of work to be done. $15,000 would mean another 4-5 months of product development (we aren’t paying ourselves). It’ll help us buy chemicals and equipment to keep working on Neverfrost so that one day, when it’s ready for the market, we can all stop scraping frost off our cars.

How did you hear about the Kick-StartKW contest?
We heard about it through Velocity the day before the pitch night. We scrambled to put an app together, fortunately there was a 600 character limit.

Tell us a little about your experiences over the duration of the contest.
Pitch night was amazing! We got to hear about a lot of the cool ideas, meet really cool people and learn about a lot of really cool ideas. Hearing how much people wanted our product at pitch night was also a huge morale boost. We were Twitter noobs, but trying to promote Neverfrost in the Twitter category helped us learn a tonne about how to leverage Twitter for social media promotion. We also made quite a few friends on Twitter, even though we haven’t met all of them yet.

Since entering Kick-StartKW did you have the opportunity to meet other small business / start-up owners in the region? If so, how did you make these new connections and do you intend on keeping in touch and building additional new relationships with others?
We got a chance to meet/talk to Meal In A Jar, Hackademy, Voltera, Musicmixt via Twitter or at the pitch event. These are all awesome startups doing awesome things. We went to Vincenzo’s the next day to pick a few meals in a jar, and they were delicious! I’ve personally been keen to try out Hackademy because I love to code as a hobby, and it’d be nice to become better at it. We’ll likely stay in touch with them via Twitter or in person meetings.

What single piece of advice would you give to others in your situation as they move forward building their business?
On Day 1, figure out how you feel about the startup mentally & emotionally, and keep that in mind. When you start working on it, you will have so many ups and downs that you’ll start questioning everything! When the downs hit, it is important to acknowledge what you are feeling is just part of the process, and when you last had a stable mindset (on day 1), you were passionate about it, which means, if you were to think today from a stable mindset, you’d still be passionate about it.

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