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Make a Great Crowdfunding Video for Your Business

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When you’re searching for alternative funding for your business, crowdfunding is a popular option. A great video makes your crowdfunding campaign more likely to succeed. Video captures attention better than text alone, and people love sharing a compelling visual message. But not all crowdfunding videos are equal. You have to make your pitch in a clear yet entertaining way for it to really get potential project supporters engaged.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Your crowdfunding video doesn’t have to be long to get attention, but it does have to look professional. Limit the length to about two minutes, and introduce your product or service within the first 20 to 30 seconds of the video. Use a professional camera, lighting and audio equipment to get a polished look, and have the video professionally edited.

Craft a Compelling Story

Turn your pitch into a story. Introduce yourself and your company to help viewers develop a personal connection with your brand, and share a personal anecdote or two about how your company got started or what you plan to do. Having a friendly, cheerful demeanor while onscreen gets viewers excited and makes them want to give financial support more than an overly serious crowdfunding video.

Highlight Tangible and Intangible Rewards

Let viewers know what rewards they can get for funding your campaign, but focus on just a few of the reward levels instead of listing them all out. You also want to mention the intangible rewards people get. Many crowdfunding supporters put money into a project because they want to be a part of something important or exciting, or because they want to be the first of their friends to have access to a cool new product. Emphasizing these aspects may be more effective at generating excitement than emphasizing the physical perks you plan to send out to supporters. Don’t forget to ask for support at the end of your video. Letting viewers know how to take the next step makes it easy for them to pledge money. In the end, the ultimate goal of a great crowdfunding video is to get financial support for your project, so make sure your video is designed with that in mind.

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