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Create a Memorable Business Card

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Generate buzz for your company with a memorable business card. In today’s digital world, business cards still remain relevant for when people meet face to face. Business cards with personality can get people talking about your brand, which in turn can drive sales and increase your bottom line. On the other hand, a boring business card can do more harm than good. Create a unique business card to stand out from your competition.

Low-Cost Marketing with High Potential

The beauty of a business card is that it’s a low-cost marketing tool with limitless potential. A unique business card may get passed around the office, but it can actually go much further than that. Some businesses have increased their customer bases by using a business card with a design that went viral online. If you can get people talking, you’re naturally going to expand your audience.

Provide Value

If you don’t want your business card to end up in the waste bin, give people a reason to hold onto it. Instead of using typical cardstock, you could use any number of unique business card materials to create a product that’s cheap for you to fund but still worthwhile to the person receiving it. For example, if you’re a hair stylist, you could give out a thin, plastic card with comb teeth on one end and your information on the top. People are far more likely to keep a portable comb in their wallet or purse than a piece of cardboard.

Create a Conversation Piece

A business card can be a cost-efficient marketing tool; you just need to inspire people to share it. A creative business card makes people smile. It can be funny, useful, or even downright bizarre. The goal is to get a reaction. Once you’ve garnered even a little bit of interest, the rest of the marketing process is easy. If someone asks you for a couple more so they can hand them out to friends and family, you’re doing it right.

Make It Informative

A compact business brochure can be very useful in certain situations. These days, a person may learn the details about your business by looking at your website, but the internet isn’t always readily available. Consider having one straightforward business card that states essential information and another that folds up and provides more in-depth information. When you’re pressed for time, or if it’s not practical for the person you’re speaking with to go online, giving someone an expandable business card can be the the best possible sales pitch.

Do It Yourself

Sometimes you may want professional marketing materials designed by a qualified graphic designer, but putting your own personal touch on your business card can go a long way too. Plenty of software options let you work on your own card. For instance, Adobe Spark helps you create your own designs, use templates and themes, and select your preferred card size and shape. Even if you don’t end up using your homemade business card, you can learn about the process, which can help you better understand what you want from a professional designer.

Be Bold

The best way to see if something works is to do it. Fortunately, there is very little risk in creating a test run of business cards, as even the fancier ones are relatively affordable compared to other marketing materials. Have some fun with the design, and don’t be afraid to try something brand new.

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