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Make Sure Your Chatbots Respond Quickly and Accurately to Keep Online Customers Happy

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When you add a chatbot to your small business online website, you can increase sales and customer engagement without having to add more staffers to your payroll. Chatbots serve a dual function by communicating with customers while they gather information that can refine their further customer contacts.

If you’re on an e-commerce website and a little pop-up box appears asking if you need help, you’re almost certainly talking to a chatbot. Improvements in AI help modern chatbots sound as human as possible through processing and assessing the information provided by the consumer, and they can provide excellent customer service and help build customer relationships in many cases.

At least that’s the theory. In practice, though, many customers find themselves very annoyed by their interactions with chatbots, according to a recent Point Source survey. The number one frustration with chatbots, with 59% of customer agreeing, is that they don’t provide problem resolution quickly (which means within five minutes). Coming right behind that complaint are basic communication problems, with chatbots failing to understand what customers are trying to say far too often. Other issues that your customers may have with chatbots are failure to provide correct information, security of their personal data, and a sense that the experience has been impersonal.

Small businesses can overcome the issues with chatbots by leveraging advances in automation and AI. By streamlining the customer experience so that the chatbot is minimizing the layers of automation a consumer has to go through to get a question answered, you can peel away much of the frustration involved. Smart chatbots learn from each interaction so that they are constantly improving their communication skills, and continuing advances in AI promise exponential growth in this area.

Use a chatbot to streamline your e-commerce customer interaction, being ready to turn conversations over to a human when needed.

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