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Tips on Hiring the Best Candidates for Your Ideal Customer Service Team

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Hiring top-quality customer service representatives can boost your small business’s performance. These employees make sure your customers are happy — and that they’ll be happy to come back and continue supporting your company. Find out what to look for when you’re assembling the perfect customer service team for your business.

Look for Specific Personality Traits

Look for candidates who stay calm and friendly, even when they’re in stressful situations. They’ll continue working through a problem with your customers, finding solutions that make the customers happy.

You should also look for candidates who are good listeners. They’ll truly listen to what your customer is saying before they can effectively resolve the issue. They should also stay dedicated to working through issues until everything gets resolved completely and successfully.

Interpersonal Skills

Ideal customer service representatives have excellent interpersonal skills, too. Make sure the candidates are comfortable when they’re talking with concerned customers and that they can find ways to relate to your customers and their problems. Your customer service representatives should be able to connect with customers on a personal level.

Technical and Problem-Solving Skills

Before your customer service representatives can be helpful, they have to be familiar with every aspect of your business and know where to look for information. The technical inner workings of your business dictate how to solve most of these issues. For more obscure problems, sharp and innovative problem-solving skills are important. Good candidates should be able to think on their feet, quickly finding creative ways to sort out and handle the unexpected challenges as they come up.

Put Your Candidates to the Test

Use directed interview questions to find out whether your customer service candidates have the right personality and talent for customer service work. Your questions should let candidates provide answers that reflect the traits and skills they possess. In addition to getting information about candidates’ skills by asking specific questions, you can learn a lot during the interview about how they engage with others, find out about their communication styles and abilities, and observe how well they stay cool under pressure.

The best way to find out if candidates are right for your customer service team is to put them to the test. During the interview process, set up mock customer service situations and role-play them out with each applicant. Make sure the problems have solutions that the candidates can reasonably come up with, even though they might only have limited knowledge about your business. Seeing each candidate in action is the best way to know if they’ll fit on your customer service team.

There’s rarely a single customer service representative who’s 100% percent perfect all the time. You should look for candidates who have most of these skills and traits, and they should have the potential to keep growing in the position as they interact with more of your customers. You’ll find that your customers’ responses to these interactions will reveal how well your employees provide high-quality customer service.

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