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Looking at Luminari: An AI Option for CPA Employers and Job Seekers

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Maybe you just got your CPA certification, and now you’re looking for a full-time position. Maybe you’re working as an accountant but want to keep an eye out for better opportunities. Or maybe you’re a hiring manager searching for an experienced professional to fill a position. Can artificial intelligence make your search easier? Luminari is one AI-powered application that aims to connect accounting firms with competitive talent.

What Is Luminari?

Luminari is an app that helps connect CPA employers with accounting professionals. Unlike other job-search websites and applications where employers post ads and hope the right candidate finds them, Luminari uses AI technology to screen for qualified candidates and connect them with relevant job offers.

If you’re looking for a job, Luminari shows you only job postings that match the credentials, experience, and salary expectations that you provide. If you’re hiring, the app can generate a streamlined job posting based on information you provide about the position and your company. When a job is posted, the AI searches through Luminari’s database of professionals and notifies qualified candidates of the opportunity. If you’re interested in the job, you can choose to apply. Interested applicants then appear on a list that’s delivered to the employer.

Aside from the AI service, Luminari also has a feed of CPA-relevant articles called Bizfeed, and a salary database compiled from current salary figures so you can make sure the salary you’re asking for is fair and competitive.

How Can CPAs and Accounting Professionals Use Luminari?

When you sign up for Luminari as a job seeker, you can set your profile to one of three options:

  • Actively looking
  • Open to opportunities
  • Not interested

If you’re actively looking, the AI will give you frequent updates on all relevant job opportunities. If you’re not interested, you won’t be sent job offers but you’ll still find out about volunteer opportunities and networking events.

As a job seeker, Luminari could be a good choice if you’re willing to wait for the right opportunity. The nature of the service means that even if you’re looking for an immediate job, you can still only apply for positions the AI determines you’re qualified for.

If you already have a job, you can sign up without worrying that your current manager will find out, since hiring firms can’t search for candidates directly. You’ll always know which company you’re applying for, and the employer only sees your name if you choose to apply.

How Can Hiring Firms Use Luminari?

Luminari is a lot more targeted than traditional classifieds-style websites. With job-search websites, any ad you put up is visible to pretty much anyone, meaning you might end up sorting through a lot of unqualified applicants before you find the right fit. Plus, with job-search sites, you have to devote time to composing a good job ad, something that Luminari takes care of for you.

Some firms opt to use recruiters to get a more targeted selection of candidates, but recruiters are often expensive, and even the best recruiter can only connect you with candidates who are actively searching for a job. Luminari is advertised as being significantly cheaper than going through recruiters, and because it allows candidates to sign up passively, your pool of potential hires expands to those who are already employed but might be enticed by your location, benefits, or salary.

Luminari has the potential to make your job search or hiring process easier. The hard work of writing and searching through job ads, calculating a respectable salary, and initiating communication is done for you. If you’re actively looking for work, you may want to use Luminari in conjunction with another method. It’s not a miracle pill, but AI technology like Luminari could be a big step forward for hiring practices in accounting firms.

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