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Workflow Design: Team Delivery or Individual Focus?

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If you provide accounting services through an individual-focused service approach, contemplate branching out to a team-based approach. Assigning multiple accountants to one client increases efficiency, quality, and internal satisfaction. Through the use of technology and the expertise available on your team, you meet the needs of your customers faster and enhance your overall company performance.

Implementation of Technology

High levels of collaboration are possible through technology. Everyone on the team doesn’t need to be physically present to make progress towards a goal. Communication doesn’t need to be face-to-face. Messaging is faster than ever, and anyone can be reached at any time if they choose to be reachable. Information and data are easy to transfer. For these reasons, assigning multiple people to a single client poses fewer problems than ever before. Multiple members of your team can seamlessly share documents, hold conversations, and discuss issues with the client from anywhere in the world.

Wider Service Areas

Bringing in different members of your accounting team means you can meet more of your clients’ needs. Instead of having an individual-focus service approach, talk with your clients about what they need. Then, assess your ability to meet those needs regardless of who on your team provides the services. By understanding what your clients need, you can increase your business activity by providing a wider amount of services. Instead of restricting yourself to whatever one accountant can do, pair staff members to meet the wider requirements your clients are trying to fill.

Higher Service Quality

Assigning multiple accountants to one client increases the quality of your work. Collaboration reduces the risk of errors, as multiple people are responsible for reviewing the work. Employees with strengths in certain areas can help offset the deficiencies of others. Instead of relying on the experience and expertise of a single person, assign tasks based on how you think work will be done most effectively. By moving to a team-based approach, you can work on multiple tasks for one client simultaneously. You provide stronger service, and the quality is enhanced based on the efficiency and speed in which you can deliver the service.

Multidisciplinary Experts

Instead of relying on one accountant to cover all services, you can parse out the responsibilities based on the expertise of the staff of your accounting business. It’s inefficient for one person to research everything – especially if your accounting business’s staff members already possess the required knowledge. Additionally, your employees will appreciate only working on the areas that interest them. If one of your accountants prefers preparing tax returns, while another prefers external financial reporting, use both and increase staff satisfaction. This strategic approach to problem solving may help retain employees as well as customers.

Increased Efficiency in Information Sharing

Team-based services are possible because of the increased efficiency in information sharing. When one individual works with a client, they don’t need to communicate any information about the customer. As you introduce additional staff members to the client, you run the risk of information loss, miscommunication, and inefficiencies. Instead, leverage this opportunity into a strength, and build a long-term platform to house client information. As staff members leave, no important client information leaves with them. Housing data from your customers means anyone can research or investigate any issue for your client at any time. Be aware of what information you have, and be mindful about security and the sensitivity of that data.

Leveraging the benefits of technology allows you to assign more team members to a single client. Instead of relying on a single person to handle all the needs of a single client, implement a team-based approach to improve the quality and services you provide to your customers.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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