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Entrepreneurs and Investors Connect on the Canadian Investment Network

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Are you looking for investors to help grow your small business? If so, the Canadian Investment Network (CIN) could help you find the perfect fit. This service, which is completely online, is a one way to show off your business idea to numerous investors at once.

What Is the CIN?

The CIN is a matching service that makes the investing process easier for both investors and entrepreneurs. Traditionally, to get funding, you need to find different investors and pitch your business to each one. The CIN makes the process faster by creating a single website that includes a database of investors and a database of entrepreneurs. That way, you can submit one funding proposal, and it’s instantly visible to hundreds of people who are interested in supporting new companies. Plus, investors don’t have to wait for the right entrepreneur to find them — the CIN sends them startups that meet their needs, so they can decide which might be profitable.

How Does the CIN Work for Businesses?

If you’re ready to find funding, you can register online for a CIN account in minutes. Once you have an account, all you need to do is fill out an investment proposal — this is a series of questions that helps investors decide whether or not your business idea is a good fit. Before your proposal goes live, a CIN representative reviews it to make sure it’s ready. Finally, the CIN system looks at your proposal and matches it with investors who are looking for similar projects. These people automatically get a notification, so they can check out your proposal right away. If an investor likes what they see, they can get in touch with you to talk about possibilities.

What Does it Cost to Use the CIN?

You can register for CIN and submit an investment proposal for free using the Basic Services package. If the service finds an angel investor that’s interested in providing equity capital or startup funding, you must purchase a paid plan to see the person’s contact information. It’s important to note that the free option requires you to be completely anonymous, which can make it difficult for investors to do due diligence on your proposal. A better option is the Referral or Premium Package, which allow you to edit your proposal at any time and see investor information. The Premium option also enables you to add photos and videos or upload documents, which can go a long way toward reeling in investors. If you choose a paid package and you don’t find any investors, CIN refunds your fee.

How Can You Use the CIN to Attract Potential Investors?

Your investor proposal is your most important tool on the CIN — it’s the only thing investors see before making the decision to pass or get in touch. The CIN recommends that at a minimum, you should have a clear idea of how much money you need, why you need it, and when you need. In addition, you should think about what you’re willing to sacrifice to get funding, such as a percentage of ownership. It’s also important to use your financial projects to tell investors how and when you can pay them back. With a well-thought-out proposal, you can give investors the confidence to deliver the funds you need.

If your business is ready to grow, the CIN can be a valuable resource. With a persuasive proposal and a thoughtful financial plan, it’s possible to bring in angel investors that can take your company to the next level.

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