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What Are Buyer Personas?

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Buyer personas are fictional profiles of your target customers. Each persona describes a specific customer, using demographic details such as age, economic status, occupation and family size. The buyer persona also includes the consumer’s goals, motivations, challenges and pain points as they relate to the buying cycle. Depending on your customer base, you might have many different personas to represent different types of buyers.

The information in a buyer persona comes from a variety of sources. You might interview actual customers, for example, or conduct market research into purchasing trends and buying cycles. Other valuable sources include social media, analytics from your website or blog, and the first-hand experience of your sales staff.

For a product seller, detailed buyer personas can be invaluable marketing assets. You can use the information to create powerful, persuasive campaigns that speak directly to customers’ needs and preferences. For example, if you are targeting busy working parents, you might focus the marketing messages on the time-saving aspects of your children’s products.

Buyer personas can also help you select the right tone and language for marketing materials. If your audience is primarily preteens, you might use fun, energetic copy and keep messages short and easy to digest. When you’re targeting highly educated and slightly edgy consumers, you might opt for sharp, witty language.

When it comes to marketing communication, buyer personas make it easy to choose the most effective channels and content types. If your target customers spend three hours per day on Facebook and Instagram but tend to ignore emails, it’s probably safe to skip the email marketing campaign and use the budget to develop social media campaigns. At this point, a buyer persona helps fine-tune the content choice; if a persona states that the specific customer is 50 percent more likely to engage with photo-based posts than text-only posts, you can focus on capturing attention-grabbing images.

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