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How to Create a Social Media Fundraising Campaign for Your Small Business

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Social media helps you reach your target audience, and it can be a powerful tool in your fundraising campaign for your small business or nonprofit. If you already have a strong following on your preferred social media platforms, you have a captive audience that already supports your business or mission. Work that advantage to fly past your small business fundraising goals.

Having a plan for your fundraising efforts helps guide your social media campaign. Define your goals, and establish a consistent, branded message to use throughout your company’s social media platforms. You can reach more people when you create a multi-channel fundraising campaign rather than relying on a single social media platform. That means integrating your social media efforts with email, website content, live events, traditional advertising, and any other methods that work for your business.

Use fundraising and crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe to collect donations easily. These platforms make it simple to share your campaigns via your social media channels to increase participation. GoFundMe is a popular option because you receive the donations even if you don’t meet your goal.

Establish a catchy hashtag to incorporate into your social media fundraising message. The best hashtags relate to your cause and have an interesting twist. When someone sees the hashtag, it should make the person want to learn more. Add images to your posts about the campaign. On Facebook, posts with images tend to have higher engagement. For your Twitter campaign, your post is more likely to get retweeted if it has an image.

Engage your current followers by making your posts interactive. Ask them to answer a question, share your post, or tag someone else in a comment. You might create a profile image filter on Facebook related to your fundraising that supporters can use. This engagement gets people talking and helps your post reach others who aren’t current followers.

A social media component to your fundraising campaign lets you reach your followers quickly and encourage immediate giving. With a consistent message, frequent posts, and engaging content, you can get closer to your fundraising goals faster than you do only using traditional fundraising methods.

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