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Small Business How-to: Promote Sustainability in Your Small Business

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Gone are the days of sustainable business practices being a pet project or a source of goodwill. Today’s small business needs to embrace sustainability to stay competitive. Transforming your company into a green business minimizes your impact on the environment and can save you money. Little moves add up to big savings with things like energy consumption, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing.

Many sustainable business practices don’t require an expensive investment. You can go solar or replace your company fleet with hybrid vehicles, but taking steps using what you already have can be just as effective. Start by identifying areas of waste.

An energy audit helps you spot areas you can improve to cut down on heating and cooling costs and general energy consumption. Installing lights with motion sensors inside your office cuts down on unnecessary lighting when no one is in a space. Energy-saving office equipment cuts down on your consumption.

Cutting down on waste is another simple sustainable act. Go paperless as much as possible to reduce paper consumption. When you do use paper products, recycle them after you’re done to minimize waste that ends up in the landfill. Seeking out recycled paper and packaging helps shrink your negative impact on the environment.

Supply sourcing affects your company’s overall sustainability. Protect the eco-friendliness of the entire product cycle by choosing sustainable suppliers for your small business materials. Start by investigating your current suppliers to see where they stand on the sustainable spectrum. If you find the supplier comes up short, start looking for a replacement company that can provide the same materials.

You can also improve your sustainability by rethinking your packaging. Streamlining your packaging takes less material, which saves you money and minimizes waste with the end user.

Simple changes to the way you do business help reduce your carbon footprint and make your business sustainable. In a time when many consumers demand an eco-friendly approach, those changes help you stay competitive.

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