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Accountants Can Build Long-lasting Relationships by Using These Methods

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Attracting clients to your accounting firm is the first step toward establishing a flourishing practice. Retaining those clients for future business enhances the chance for continued success through repeated revenue streams. While solid marketing campaigns put prospects in the seats, a business must also examine the best methods for keeping them in that chair year after year. Clients seek accountants who possess considerable subject matter expertise with regard to tax laws. Those advisors must continually find ways to differentiate themselves from other tax professionals. Perhaps two of the optimal methods for forging client relationships revolve around building trust and creating personal bonds.

Connecting With Clients

Mixing personal and business pursuits may seem somewhat contradictory. However, most people welcome the opportunity to talk about their unique circumstances and how that backstory relates to their personal financial situation. Somewhere in the midst of those conversations exists the chance to find common interests with a customer. Small business clients often relish recounting the origins of the enterprise and any obstacles faced along the path to your office. Your own industry experiences may be compelling and the willingness to swap war stories with a client may help cement a trust on which a firm relationship can be built.

It is also likely that you share mutual interests with personal tax filers. Transform the customer experience into more of an engaging chat and less of a tedious chore. Before you tackle the subject of taxes, strike up a conversation around topics such as family, pets or hobbies. Typically, most prospects jump at the chance to talk about what makes them tick. Not only do you put a customer at ease in an appointment setting, but the budding relationship might also extend beyond the office walls. Offer customers an opportunity to attend social events or golf outings. Along with being good for business, creating a personal bond can foster friendships and build trust.

Sharing Your Network

Clients seeking tax advice may look to you for more than just calculating their provincial tax bills. A large percentage of customers have a need for solutions that include financial planning, insurance services and legal guidance. In your capacity as a tax professional, it is a good possibility that you personally utilize, or do business with, a trusted circle of agents, attorneys and consultants. By introducing clients to your own network of advisors, referrals create a win for customers, colleagues and the business that you have worked tirelessly to grow.

Customers may have meager expectations when they sit on the other side of your desk. From their perspective, pursuing tax services may be yet another item on a long list of tasks that are necessary but cumbersome. Take the proper measures to rise above and beyond client expectations by sharing your passions. Customers can relate. Share your circle of influence as it builds goodwill, and share your knowledge. After all, the skills you have honed are what brought the prospect to you in the first place.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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