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Benefits of Blogging for Nontraditional Businesses

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A business blog provides an opportunity for your small business to communicate in an interactive, informal and informative way that engages and attracts customers. Blogging helps customers find your website, which provides more formal promotional content about your products and services, and allows customers to make purchases.

Increasing Online Presence

Having a business blog increases your online presence. Adding content to your blog improves search engine optimization, helping rank it higher in search results; this make your business easier to find online. Ensure your content is relevant and updated regularly to give it the best chance of attracting search engine algorithms that index pages. For example, if you own a small home building construction business, add content to your blog about new construction materials that are changing the way homes are being built. New blog posts could be added each time innovative building materials became available. Ensure your blog posts are easy to share to encourage customers to distribute your content via social media.

Develop a Reputation as an Expert

Many small businesses offer specialized services to avoid competing directly with larger companies. A business blog provides an opportunity to showcase your specialized skills and knowledge to help you differentiate from your competitors. For example, if you own an automotive business that specializes in European luxury cars, blog about intricate details relating to these vehicles to demonstrate your expertise. Provide insightful information on your blog, and encourage open communication. When customers have problems, they are aware that you and your business are experts and can help them. Staying connected with your customers through a business blog helps you develop a reputation as a trusted authority in your niche.

Help Turn Traffic Into Leads

Providing quality content on your small business blog will generate traffic. Traffic can be converted into leads for your sales team. Blog pages that are specifically directed toward your target market can include a call to action. For example, if you own a small bookkeeping business, you could provide content that helps customers prepare for tax time; at the bottom of the post, add a call to action where potential customers provide their names and contact details in exchange for free trials of your small business tax software. Your business can then retain the customers’ information to help generate leads and potential sales.

Develops Strong Customer Relationships

Your small business blog helps strengthen customer relationships. Providing non-promotional information informs customers that you are there to help and educate them instead of just being sales-oriented; this helps your business build trust. Trust creates loyalty with customers, making them easier to retain. Consider sharing a story of why you decided to open your business to show passion for what you do, and to help customers relate to your business. For example, if you own a dental practice, you could explain how your love of dentistry comes from a long family history in the profession. Your enthusiasm for your business is likely to attract customers.

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