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DIY SEO: Search Engine Optimization Tips for Business Owners and Freelancers

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As soon as your business opens, you’re likely to receive pitches from search engine optimization experts. In exchange for a lump sum or a monthly retainer, these specialists promise to get your website higher rankings in search engine results. While their services can be useful, you may not want to dole out all that cash right away. Implement SEO strategies on your own, regardless of your experience or budget.

Google My Business

Pay special attention to Google, because it is the world’s most popular search engine. Complete your business listing through Google My Business and update it as needed. That increases the chances that your business information will show up when customers use Google to search for you. It also provides a link, so customers can move easily from the Google listing to your website.


The content on your website also affects your search engine rankings. In particular, your website should contain the keywords that potential clients are likely to search. For example, if you run a clothing boutique, you may want to target words such as “clothing,” “fashion,” “upscale trends,” “vintage,” or whichever other words describe your business.

Don’t just jam these words onto your site. Instead, make a list of words to target, using resources like Google’s Keyword Planner to refine your list. Then, rewrite your existing content while sitting next to the list of target keywords, and try to pepper in as many of these keywords as possible while maintaining a natural-sounding tone – don’t ruin the integrity of the text by throwing in so many keywords that the text no longer makes sense.


Consider creating a blog that creates real value for your readers. That increases the likelihood of readers sharing your posts, which helps draw more people to your site. Additionally, Google’s algorithms are designed to bring web users to the most relevant sites. By providing useful, engaging content, you make your site inherently more relevant.

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are links on other sites that link readers back to your site, and they can be a critical part of DIY SEO. The internet is a web – and if your site has better connections from is the rest of the web, it is more likely to appear near the top of search engine results. To create your own backlinks, offer to write guest blogs for other sites and include a link to your site. Also, make sure you use social media. Every time someone clicks on your social media post and comes to your blog or website, that works as a backlink. Add your web address and business details to local listings sites as well.

Website Integrity

In addition to content, search engines also respond to the structure of your website. If you have broken links or other issues, it can be hard to draw traffic. You can check these elements on your own, or you can use an SEO tool such as All in One SEO, a plugin that automates several SEO functions for you.

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