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Enterprise Canada Network: Your One Stop Shop For Small Businesses Wanting To Do Business Abroad

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As a small business owner in Canada, you may have heard people suggest you expand into Europe or into emerging markets around the world — because, after all, the whole world is tied together by the internet now, right? That’s easy to say, but where do you start? Any expansion of your business is a big deal, and moving into global markets can feel a bit intimidating. It doesn’t have to be, though, thanks to the Enterprise Canada Network (ECN).

Expanding Into Global Markets

The start of your expansion into global markets is figuring out what markets offer the best prospects for your products and services. Maybe you’ve done the research to determine that a certain country or region needs your products. Maybe you have a personal connection to a specific country. Those reasons can be a good place to start, but you have some work to do make your expansion succeed. What’s your target market in the new country? How big is it? What regulations do you have to deal with, and what opportunities are available for you to grow and succeed? Who are your new competitors?

Global Opportunities Through the Enterprise Canada Network

Joining the Enterprise Canada Network paves the way to connecting your small-to-medium enterprise to tech and research partners around the world, as well as creating business opportunites for your small business. Think of ECN as a matchmaker. It’ll break down the global opportunities available according to industry, market, and tech, and then match you to potential markets and partners based on the products and services you already provide. ECN also makes that sometimes awkward first connection to qualified leads, handling the introductions and making sure that the people you’re meeting are appropriate.

In addition, ECN gives you a heads up about upcoming trade shows, innovation events, and other sector-specific events that can connect you to global partners and let you show off your offerings. The network also provides promotion and exposure, which you can limit or restrict to the right countries, industry sectors, or types of partners, if you choose. In addition, you can post calls for research proposals through ECH to find the international expertise you need or to join global R&D consortiums.

How ECN Can Provide Support to Your Business

ECN does more than just connect your small business to potential global partners. It also provides the kind of support you need to handle the details of international trade and exporting. ECN can plug you into the right support programs through its Export Assistance Navigator, and it provides you with all the information you need to answer all those tricky exporting questions. It also provides educational programs to help you understand all the details associated with entering specific markets.

ECN does a lot of work behind the scenes to orchestrate the matchmaking that your small business can take advantage of. By making sure it connects companies that fit together well, ECN can help your company find global market opportunities and help you expand your reach.

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