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Finding the Right WordPress Theme for Your Business

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Along with the look and feel of your business’s WordPress theme, there are numerous aspects to consider, such as ease of navigation, cost, and compatibility. One of the most important aspects is user experience – it is important to choose a theme that provides users with the best usability available for your WordPress site.

Cost or No Cost

When using WordPress for your business website, you can choose between a free or premium theme. A premium theme can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. If you are on a tight budget, a free theme can help you to save money and can serve your business needs just fine.

The premium themes do come with perks and you may find the extra features to be more appealing. The benefits of opting for premium WordPress themes include unique designs, tips for making the most of the layout, ongoing support, and no attribution links. Premium themes also come with more security updates than free themes do.

Know Your Business

It can be tempting to just choose the first theme that you like, no matter the layout’s intended use. However, one of the most important aspects of a WordPress theme is that it must work with your business goals without requiring too much customization. Think about your customers, your products, your services, and your business model. Choose a theme that will help you meet your company’s objectives.

Make sure the theme will integrate with your brand. For example, if your company makes and sells cutting-edge art, then a romantic-based theme will probably confuse potential customers.

The Fast Lane

The speed it takes for your site to load can mean the difference between winning and losing a customer. These days, most people lack the patience for a site that is slow to load and navigate. A fast site can also help your search engine rankings, as browsers and search engines tend to frown on websites that are slow. Receiving a higher ranking from the top search engines can lead to increased business and higher profits. Themes that very heavy in features, have poor coding, or use too many large file formats can noticeably decrease the load time. When choosing a theme, avoid choosing a theme that is sluggish – instead, go for speed.

Browser Compatibility

People tend to be partial to specific browsers, and you never know which browser a customer will be using to access your website. Therefore, a theme that works across the most popular browsers – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer – can add to the success of your business. A theme that is compatible with Chrome, for example, may contain errors when someone tries to load it in Firefox. Test the themes that you like on all of the most commonly used browsers to make sure your site will load properly and quickly on each.

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