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How to Get Landscaping Clients

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To continue expanding your landscaping business, look for unique ways to attract new clients. Stay informed about changing customer demographics and preferences when you’re developing new strategies. Consider new ways to develop your reputation in your community so clients seek you out for your landscaping expertise.

Vehicle Advertising

Attract new customers to your landscaping business by advertising on your company vehicles. You can build brand awareness by creating an eye-catching logo and slogan that gets people talking about your business. Consider hiring a graphic designer to help you produce a design that captures attention. You could incorporate a call to action into your advertisement – for example, you might offer a 10% discount if customers contact you and quote the slogan on your vehicles. Select a phone number and web address that are easy to remember from an initial quick glance. Take your branded vehicles to events that your target market attends, such as garden shows and landscaping expos.

Community Involvement

Become known in your local community by offering landscaping advice and services. Consider working with councils and schools to help improve their gardens and playgrounds. For example, you could organize a working bee at your local elementary school to help build new garden beds and pathways. Market your business by giving away a free small plant to each child with your company name and contact details printed on the pot. Hold community information sessions that demonstrate how your business can provide ideal landscaping solutions. Use a simulator to show how your business can transform an outdoor area.

Strategic Partnerships

Forming a strategic alliance with other businesses that sell to your target market is a great way for your landscaping business to acquire new customers. For example, if your business specializes in garden designs that have water features, you could join forces with an outdoor decor company. You could suggest selling its product line exclusively in return for customer referrals to your business. Consider using affiliate marketing as part of your strategic partnerships. For instance, you could both add a link to each other’s websites. Before entering into the agreement, ensure both businesses agree to how the alliance is structured to avoid misunderstandings.

Targeted Sponsorship

You could use targeted sponsorship to reach out to new clients. Think about sponsoring gardening TV and radio shows. As part of the agreement, ask for advertising space during commercial breaks. Organize a regular guest appearance on programs that your landscaping business sponsors. For example, you might give advice about what stones work best for garden paving and provide your contact details at the conclusion of the segment. To help build your credibility with potential clients, consider sponsoring a prominent gardening personality to discuss your business. For instance, they could talk about your how expert services adds value to their property. Understanding your customers help you landscaping business create unique ideas to attract new business. Consider implementing strategies that include vehicle advertising, getting involved in your local community, forming strategic partnerships with other businesses, and using targeted sponsorship.

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