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Simple Ways to Grow Your Business With Snail Mail

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Most contemporary marketing advice centers around the web: get a website, optimize your content to appeal to search engines, register with Google My Business, try an email campaign, and so on. But, in spite of that focus, digital marketing is not the only effective approach. Surprisingly, snail mail can also help you attract and retain quality clients.

If you want to run an advertising campaign using physical mail, you should also tie in technology. For instance, consider working with a company that has a curated list of prospects. The list may include people who live in a particular postal code, families with incomes over a certain threshold, shoppers who have purchased a select product in the past, or countless other types of categories. Alternatively, you may want to work with a specialist who can help you connect your direct mail campaign to your website. In particular, if a customer abandons a shopping cart or hasn’t bought anything for a while, you can send a specialized offer based on previous shopping history or online habits. Narrowing in on past shopping behavior helps to improve the efficacy of your message. Additionally, when your mail has higher conversion rates (the rate at which people respond to your advertisements), you can afford to spend more on each mailing.

In that vein, don’t skimp on your direct mail efforts. Whether you’re sending a coupon, flyer, catalog, or something else, make it beautiful. Ask yourself if the recipient is likely to put the mailing on a coffee table or display it on the fridge with a magnet. If you think it’s going to be labelled "junk mail" and thrown away, you may want to take your design back to the drawing board.

An effective snail mail campaign should educate and excite consumers about your products or services. It should bring new customers to your business and remind old customers that you’re still around. When developing your campaign, try to find ways to reach the people who’re the most likely to resonate with your message, and make sure your message is as eye-catching as possible.

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