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Here’s Why You Need a Chief Freelance Officer

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In digital age, many workers have shunned office cubicles in favor of crafting careers as freelancers. Close to 3 million Canadians are self-employed; some are freelancers providing a wide range of services your business could use, from coding to copy editing. If you’re ready to hire freelancers, consider the benefits of hiring someone to manage these professionals to ensure that they complete your projects successfully.

Signs You Need a Chief Freelance Officer

You might have the resources to hire freelancers, your projects may be short- or long-term, and you could require various types of freelancers. In these scenarios, you may not be able to deviate from your regular job – overseeing business operations – to manage teams of freelancers. If you decide to try your hand at the task of managing your freelancers, you might find yourself spread thin. You also might need to hire a chief freelance officer if you need to complete a highly-technical task – such as creating a software application or implementing a large-scale content strategy – that requires freelancers with specific sets of skills. Other signs you may need to hire a chief freelance officer include:

  • You have difficulty executing a project.
  • The current person managing your freelancers is underqualified and overwhelmed.
  • In the past, you’ve hired freelancers who weren’t qualified to complete your tasks successfully.

Hiring and Managing Freelance Teams

Hiring and managing freelancers is different from hiring full-time staffers. A full-time employee commits to reporting to your business premises daily, works a set amount of hours, and submits a paper or electronic time sheet in exchange for a regular paycheck. Freelancers, on the other hand, may work on your premises or remotely, charge various rates for their services, and submit invoices rather than time sheets. Interviewing can also present a challenge. The best freelancers for your project might be in your city or town, but most often, they’re located across the country or on the other side of the world. A chief freelance officer can streamline freelancer recruiting and on boarding practices and handle project management. The staffer can also process freelancer invoices to ensure billing accuracy.

Who to Hire

Consider hiring someone who has significant project management and team leadership experience as your business’s chief freelance officer. An effective chief freelance officer should have experience creating effective systems using software applications to manage remote teams. For example, your chief freelance officer should be able to offer an easily accessible and well-considered set of tools to facilitate freelancer communication, productivity, invoicing, and payment. Your chief freelance officer should be passionate and enthusiastic about your projects. For example, if you need a chief freelance officer to handle your IT freelancers on software development project, hire someone who’s excited about the type of software you design and driven to see the project succeed.

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